Austria: Huawei-Dronetech Now in Sustainable Farming Support

The two companies also hosted a panel made up of digitalization and agriculture experts discussing how technology innovation, and 5G…

1 month ago

China: Technology Shift In Low-Carbon Economy Transition

Without China successfully transitioning to a low carbon economy, achieving global climate goals will be impossible

2 months ago

Indonesia Market Poised for Big Growth in Streaming

The debate around the relative merits of subscription versus advertising while free and pay TV remain significant forces and Indonesia…

2 months ago

Securonix Detects New Covert Attack Campaign Targeting Military Contractors

The overall attack chain can be seen in the figure 1 below which highlights the initial compromise phase of the…

2 months ago

Focally Unveils New, Full Colour Micro-led Based AR Glasses

The glasses by Focally combine USound audio technology, optical display system and hardware that enables spatial computing in a small…

2 months ago

CATL Won The Daimler Truck Supplier Award For Battery Systems

CATL also signed an MOU for distribution with KYBURZ Switzerland to promote electrification of various commercial applications

2 months ago

Teledyne Announces New 5GIGE Area Scan Camera Platform

New Vizor camera platform brings together Teledyne’s vision expertise and customer knowledge in a new camera family

2 months ago

Huawei Unveils New CloudEngine At Huawei Connect

In the public service sector, digital transformation involves data streamlining across functional departments

2 months ago

Autel Flight Club Video Contest Is Now Open

Autel Robotics will collect entrants during the Brand Day period before evaluating them impartially and announcing the winners.

2 months ago

Saudi Arabia Reaffirms Its Stake In AI Future Growth

We are witnessing the exponential growth of AI and its potential benefits for society today and tomorrow," said H.E. Dr…

2 months ago