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Australia in anti-China military alliance with US and UK

The new alliance, the AUKUS partnership, will end French shipbuilder Naval Group to build new submarines for the Aussies.

17 hours ago

Japan Embassy Confirms Terror Alert

Two days ago, NHK WORLD, Japan said several Asian countries are on high alert against terrorist groups that may be…

4 days ago

Mullah Omar. What his death meant for the Taliban

While Omar will be known as the man who refused to hand over the Al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden to…

1 week ago

US agreed to an Islamic Gov’t in Afghanistan

As long as the Taliban does not use Afghanistan to perpetrate or allow attacks against the US and its allies,…

1 week ago

A conspiracy between Taliban and the USA?

After 20 years of battle against foreign armies, local warlords, internal infighting, people thought Taliban would not return but they…

3 weeks ago

The US Created a Super-afghan Army. Taliban Prayed Fervently!

The Taliban is still praying for the favourable outcome of the next 20 years now that they have won! That…

1 month ago

Is Facebook Profiting From Vaccine Disinformation?

And we all know that Facebook makes money with advertising and the question is whether these campaigns are making Facebook…

1 month ago

Taliban Victories Sparks Burqas Buying Spree

While women were still wearing Burqas in Kandahar during the long absence of the Taliban, now, all of them will…

1 month ago

Biden’s Remote African Conquest Stands Little Chance VS China

What has changed since Biden's election, and what is in the raw bargain his government is providing Africans?

1 month ago

China-Russia Fence Mending Or US In The Quad?

For the first time this week, Russian soldiers are taking part in a routine Chinese military drill. Are they building…

1 month ago