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Step Into The Trodden Path Of CPTPP Cautiously

The ratification of CPTPP would back-pedal the Malaysian judiciary and would be a mockery of the rule of law as…

4 weeks ago

The UK is attempting to join the US-Canada-Mexico Union

Johnson “They are pretty ruthless, the American negotiators, and I would much rather get a deal that really works for…

1 month ago

Concerns About Loan Defaults And Moratorium

The question that we have to ask is what happens after the moratorium ends? Some analysts say economic recovery may…

1 month ago

Features of ISIS’ Information Warfare

Today, ISIS can be seen almost on all social media platforms and is accessible in Western countries. It has thousands…

1 month ago

Australia in anti-China military alliance with US and UK

The new alliance, the AUKUS partnership, will end French shipbuilder Naval Group to build new submarines for the Aussies.

1 month ago

Japan Embassy Confirms Terror Alert

Two days ago, NHK WORLD, Japan said several Asian countries are on high alert against terrorist groups that may be…

1 month ago

Mullah Omar. What his death meant for the Taliban

While Omar will be known as the man who refused to hand over the Al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden to…

1 month ago

US agreed to an Islamic Gov’t in Afghanistan

As long as the Taliban does not use Afghanistan to perpetrate or allow attacks against the US and its allies,…

1 month ago

A conspiracy between Taliban and the USA?

After 20 years of battle against foreign armies, local warlords, internal infighting, people thought Taliban would not return but they…

2 months ago

The US Created a Super-afghan Army. Taliban Prayed Fervently!

The Taliban is still praying for the favourable outcome of the next 20 years now that they have won! That…

2 months ago