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CATL Won The Daimler Truck Supplier Award For Battery Systems

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HANOVER, Germany, Sept. 26, 2022– At IAA Transportation 2022, CATL, a global leader of new energy innovative technologies, reached cooperation agreements with multiple leading OEM customers and won Daimler Truck Supplier Award at the fair, further demonstrating its innovative capabilities and achievements in the new energy industry.

“At CATL, we are dedicated to delivering innovative technologies and solutions that enable a more sustainable future for mankind and our partners. IAA Transportation 2022 presents an important opportunity to demonstrate technological and product strengths and further expand our global partnership network,” says Li Xiaoning, Executive President of Overseas Commercial Application, CATL.

“We are proud to be one of the key drivers advancing the vibrant commercial vehicle industry along with other global leaders.”

CATL won the Daimler Truck Supplier Award in the category “Innovation” for the development and production of state-of-the-art high-voltage battery systems with a range of up to 500 kilometers, extremely long service life and fast-charging capability.

The battery systems will be used in the new eActros LongHaul, which was unveiled at IAA this year.

It is the first time that Daimler Truck presents its Supplier Award as an independent company. With the award, it recognizes CATL for above-average performance and cooperation in a spirit of partnership.

At the exhibition, CATL has strengthened cooperation with multiple leading OEMs in the sector. It signed a strategic partnership agreement with Trailer Dynamics, the German startup that is shaping long haul e-transportation for zero emissions logistics with the e-Trailer.

Trailer Dynamics intends to use CATL platform-based system products in its e-Trailer projects with configurations in different kWh capacity dimensions.

Trailer Dynamics and CATL also plan to collaborate closely to extend the e-Trailer products into dedicated major markets, to explore battery swapping solutions for e-Trailers, and to bring in more coordinated actions to achieve reduction of carbon emission.

During this year’s IAA exhibition, CATL also signed an MOU for distribution with KYBURZ Switzerland, the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles in Switzerland. The two companies intend to enter into a distribution agreement to promote the sales of CATL products. 

Based on the practical needs of business development in Switzerland, the two parties also intend to extend current cooperation to more electrification applications projects, thus promoting the electrification of transportation in Europe.

KYBURZ develops, produces and distributes high-quality electric vehicles for delivery companies, industry and private individuals. The company’s 3-wheeled electric vehicles for postal delivery have become an integral part of the road scape in many countries.

Featuring high energy density, long service life, high reliability and adaptability to various hard environments, CATL’s offerings at the show will be an opportunity advance electrification in the transportation sector with partners worldwide. CATL will announce more partnerships in the electrification of commercial applications in the near future. 

CATL’s innovative technologies and products have been well received by the market, and it has established and strengthened partnership with top-tier OEMs of commercial applications including Daimler Truck, VWCO, Yutong, FAW Group, Dongfeng and King Long.


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