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Mihrigul Tursun, a former detainee of the Xinjiang re-education camps.

China launched a policy of “Peoples War on Terror” in 2014 targeting the Xinjiang province and the Uyghur people.

But its efforts to put the Chinese Muslims in the region as terrorists started after the UN and the US state department branded some Uyghur separatist movements like the ETIM, TIP, ETLO, UREFT, and ULO as terrorist groups.

Xinjiang is the largest province of China and has a population of around 22 million. Uyghurs Muslims are among the 55 officially recognized minority groups and constitute 45% of the Xinjiang population.

Even though the Uyghar’s are the native to Xinjiang province they are considered foreign invaders and aliens due to their cultural, religious and ethnical resemblance to the Central Asian Countries. The forceful annexation of Xinjiang in 1949 led to many uprising which over the decades got sabotaged by Radical Islam and led to numerous terrorist attacks on Chinese Citizens with “2009 Urumqi riots” being the focal point.

To counter these Radical Islamic threats in 2017 CCP established hundreds of so-called “Re-Education Camps” or “The Vocational Education And Training Centers” operated by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Government headed by Chen Quangua, CCP Committee Secretary.

These “Re-Education Camps” operate in a preemptive manner wherein Uyghur detainee needs to undergo to formal training and come out with a CCP approved form of Political, Religious and Nationalistic belief system.

An Uyghur can be placed in these camp for praying, having an Islamic name, visiting relatives outside China, having a long beard or simply believing in Islam and not considering Communism to be the final solution. Uyghars detained in re-education camps are forced to consume pork, drink alcohol, praise the CCP and its Leaders including XI JinPing, march with the Communist flag and denounce each and every belief which is considered threat by the CCP.

As per estimates nearly three million Uighur’s, other ethnic and religious minorities are being held captive in these so called Re-Education Camps which have been carved out of existing CCP facilities in urban areas whereas in rural areas entire re-education camps have been built.

In many cases both the parents have been placed in re-education camps leaving half a million orphaned Children exposed to Communist manipulation which has opened special Communist boarding schools for these Children.

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