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Chinese citizens are posting codes on social media to avoid China state’s censorship.

They are calling the outbreak a ‘Chernobyl’ in China. They are also referring to President Xi Jinping as ‘Trump’.

If they were to mention the Coronavirus or Xi Jinping (their president) name, the messages would be censured.

The Chinese citizens also slam the Communist government’s response as lame and inadequate.

And the crisis with the Coronavirus is now half-way to what the SARS did in China, says report.

The coronavirus has now infected nearly 3,000 people and growing, says Forbes. The publication says it is progressing even more rapidly than the SARS.

The SARS virus took 8 months to infect 8,096 people but the Coronavirus took only weeks to infect half of this number. The SARS struck China in 2003.

A total of 774 people died from SARS and 82 from the Coronavirus.

Chinese citizens are calling their President Xi Jinping as ‘Trump’ on social media to avoid censors. They are afraid to directly criticise their president openly.

Thus they use the name Trump to identify their president, but they say the cover-up of the crisis is reminiscent of the Chernobyl catastrophe in Russia.

Chinese citizens went on Weibo, the Twitter-like social media network in China, to post comments like:  ‘I don’t want to go through another minute of this year, my heart is filled with pain, I hope Trump dies.’

They can’t even ask where is their president in this time of crisis as they expected the latter, the most powerful man in China, to be there for them.

He did not appear in public until his visit to Wuhan. This made many Chinese citizens angry.

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