Discovery APAC launches Asian food network’s website in Malay

Discovery APAC launches Asian food network’s website in Malay

KUALA LUMPUR, 23 July 2020 – Asian Food Network (AFN), the region’s leading TV and online food channel that celebrates unique Asian culinary and cultural experiences, has launched a Bahasa Malaysia-language website to cater to Malaysia’s population of over 30 million people, and the Malay diaspora in the region.

AFN is committed to delivering a seamless digital and linear experience that offers entertainment, convenience and a community for all Asian food lovers.

In line with this commitment, the website is part of Discovery Networks Asia Pacific (DNAP)’s strategy to enhance its offerings for the large Malay-speaking audience in Malaysia and the region, building on the success of its content on the popular platform. 

“Since the launch of in November last year, the website has rallied a healthy fanbase of food lovers, with 20% of users from Malaysia.

The Bahasa Malaysia-language website provides an opportunity to serve our Malay-speaking fans with hyper-localised content,” said Rohit Tharani, Head of Products, Southeast Asia in DNAP.

“This move marks our commitment to make it even more accessible for the Malaysian community to get inspiration and recipes in their native language to create quick and delicious Asian-inspired home-cooked meals.”

Building the largest Asian food community 

AFN is passionate about growing and engaging in conversations with the largest Asian food community across its platforms, providing the latest foodie-tips through a variety of food TV programmes, unique editorial content and consistent online engagement. 

Countless foodies have turned to the AFN website to look up their favourite local Malaysian recipes including Cekedok Pisang and Malaysian Wanton Noodles. AFN’s Bahasa Malaysia-language website will continue to provide a trove of tested recipes, cooking tips, stories on Asian food cultures and a growing set of features that will power the community’s passion for food and cooking.

The site ensures ease in joining the AFN community, where it is simple for users to register an account, bookmark favourite content pieces, get nutritional information and participate in food conversations through comments. 

The community can also look forward to engaging with well-loved ambassadors from Southeast Asia, including Malaysia’s very own celebrity chef Ili Sulaiman, and exciting bite-sized content and partnerships with like-minded brands in the months to come.

For example, AFN created a content series with Foodpanda in Malaysia this year to highlight popular local and festive dishes for Ramadan and share exciting promotions with the community. The campaign reached over three million Malaysians across multiple platforms.

For more information on AFN and its offerings, please visit the website:  

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