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Expect More From Meghan Markle!

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Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle’s stunt against the Royal Family earned negative sentiments worldwide.

We expect a bounce back from their Public Relations actors because Oprah Winfrey hates to lose!

TikTok and Facebook/Instagram users are still blasting the couple for the Oprah interview.

The tactic was a simple one. In a game of checkers, the person who strikes first puts the opponent on the defensive.

Yet, with the number of accusations in the interview, the Royal Family is in a corner.

This is what the interview with Oprah was to achieve but Markle’s victory is soured by the massive public backlash.

At this rate, the Duchesse of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles is looking much like an innocent.

The wife of Prince Charles, heir to the throne, is the target of regular online attacks.

People ruffles her for her alleged breaking of the marriage of Charles to Lady Diana Spencer.


Watching the interview and listening to Oprah and the couple, one can see the planning of the PR stunt.

There are reasons to believe all the questions were rehearsed and the interview was the final hour, the great performance. The show.

Oprah’s expression does not show a great surprise following the revelations. 

The neighbours must have been discussing the course of events before the interview. It looks like choreography.

Choreography is the art or practises of designing sequences of movements of physical bodies (or their depictions) in which motion, form, or both are specified. Choreography may also refer to the design itself. (Wikipedia)

But it also looks like the Oprah team of public relations gurus is behind it.

And they now have a complete failure on their hands. Nevertheless, in their point of view and that of the accusers, it is ‘mission accomplie’. (French)

However, mark our words. Madame Oprah does not like defeat and the public backlash is a huge blemish on the entire episode.

While Markle may feel the mission is a success, Oprah will surely call for a redux of the interview. A follow-up that risk being as devastating as the first one.

From a media point of view, Markle’s remarks are the selling point. But the negative comments and criticism from the general public cannot be ignored.

While PR is a successful one in hitting the target, the ensuing result is negative.

This teaches us how careless the PR team is and what they are going to correct the mistakes.

In the case of the Royal Family, cornered in a game of checkers, they are now more vulnerable than ever.

Their response to the interview, slow and defensive, is one of the results the PR team wanted.


Let us take a look at the Royal responses. The Queen of England showed shock and sympathy. Inviting the couple to discuss internally and saying they are well-beloved by the family.

In normal circumstances and the old days, the Royal response would probably be the same. 

But in the Markle era, the proper response would have been a summoning of both Prince Harry and his wife to the Palace.

The Palace does not have to defend itself against such accusations.

In Royaldom, what happens in the Palace should remain in the Palace. The accusers should face their victims and expect retribution.

This would galvanise the crowd outside and on the internet. A crushing defeat of Oprah and a damning closure of the princely rebellion.

Or there is more to it than we know and we must expect more revelations shortly?


The next move by Markle will be the most interesting part.

What is the Oprah team hiding from the public and what will Markle say next on the Royals?

The PR strategists did not expect the massive public backlash after the interview.

Oprah herself is caught in the middle with netizens attacking her for her role in demonising the royal family.

The sudden surge in support for the royal family of Britain is also a surprise, surely, for Markle and co.

But this was already on the cards following the response to the Harry-Markle show on Spotify.

People were trolling them to the point of embarrassment for the couple.

From the Oprah interview, they were probably hoping it will be a great win against ‘racism’.

Markle was hoping she will impose her footprint on a political issue that ravaged America, particularly during President Donald Trump’s reign.

Perhaps the PR planners were hoping this interview will bring more benefit and mitigate the mistakes with Spotify.

And the sudden announcement that Markle is a presidential hopeful in the USA lends credit to this theory.


But there is more to the plot. Is Markle trying to get something from her attachment with Harry and the royal family?

Is it possible that if she can’t get the Lady Diana-like fame, she can probably bring down the royal house?

The strategists knew the racist tag will not sit well on the royals. They also knew the response will be hasty in nature and defensive in character.

With these achieved, we believe there is more to come in the Markle V/S Royal Britain saga.

What could be the next stunt? Would there be finger-pointing against members of the Royal family on other more important issues?

Will Oprah organise another interview with the couple and on what topic?

What is at heart for Prince Harry is the sudden death of his mother, Lady Diana Spencer.

Could this. be the next big talk in the showcase by Oprah? 

Surely, the PR strategists are looking at the massive backlash and working on how to contain it.


One way they can do that is to prepare for further attacks against the royal family. They may also front Prince Harry instead this time.

Hoping this would reverse the negative views, they may get Harry to make certain claims, or re-open some old wounds.

Lady Diana may reappear on front pages again and dominate social media like she never did before.

There are so many unconfirmed reports on her life at the palace, her affairs and her death.

PR stunt guys will have to pick one angle to spin it with the hope it reverses the tide for their clients.

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