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The Kouachi Brothers

The voice of Cherif Kouachi brothers talking to a french online TV, giving the reasons of his actions, right before they were attacked and killed by police. <!–more–>

Cheri said he was sent by the Al-Qaeda of Yemen, he was financed by late Anwar Al Awlaki (who was killed by an American drone in Yemen) and that he returned to France sometime back to plan his attacks.

During the interview, he said he was avenging the Prophet against the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, while he rejected that he or his brother were cold blooded killers.

When the journalist asked him if he will continue to kill, “he said we are not killers like you people. We have codes of conduct in Islam, we do not attack women and children.” In another part of the interview – which is not clear – he apparently said Charlie Hebdo journalists were not civilians, but targets (since they defiled the Prophet).

He also said the west killed women and children, but he and his brother and the Qaeda did not get involved in civilian killings.

Interview of Amedy Coulibaly by BFM TV France

Hayat in Niqab, veil banned in France holding a weapon

Coulibaly, the other hostage taker in the Jewish Kosher shop, also spoke to the BFM TV. He said he was acting in synchronisation with the Kouachi brothers, he was targeting the police while the brothers dealt with Charlie Hebdo. He also said he was an ISIS man and that he had no other plans but to attack police and took the kosher shop hostage because it was Jewish.


Amedy Coulibaly and his girl friend Hayat
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