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France is now “police everywhere, justice nowhere”

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The law is meant to prevent the public from photographing or filming the police. That is whether or not they are in action.

And this means the law will protect the police from prying eyes, and not a single member of the public can film police brutality.

This is a step backward for a country that has promoted freedom since its creation, including the freedom to attack religious icons.

However, there is now a limit in targeting the police.

On Saturday demonstrators brandished slogans such as “police everywhere, justice nowhere” and “smile while you are beaten.”


In response, Police fired tear gas at the protesters in Paris. Lucky for some, France did not criminals marchers who lit fires on the streets.

The French still have this freedom gained during the days of the fall of the Bastille.

For the Saturday rally, organizers say 500,000 people across France had taken part in the protests,.

They say up to 200,000 were in Paris.

The draft security law has already passed the lower house of the French parliament.

The authorities camouflaged the law, saying it aims to protect police officers who are occasionally targeted by terrorists or abused on social media.

Protesters claim the law would shield the police from scrutiny.

They also say the law is coming just days after a video showing a group of police officers brutally beating and abusing Black music producer Michel Zecler in Paris.

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