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The Uyghurs people in China are getting more attention with France, of all countries, rooting for a ‘genocide’ tag on China.

Reports say France is raising its tone against China on this thorny issue, brushed aside by Beijing as an internal matter.

However, on Feb 24, at the UN Human Rights Council, France called China’s imprisonment of nearly a million Uyghurs “an institutionalized system of repression”.

The statement was made by Jean-Yves Le Drian Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France.

“From the Chinese region of Xinjiang, we have received testimonies and corroborating documents, which show unjustifiable practices against the Uyghurs, and a large-scale institutionalized surveillance and repression system,” the minister said.


France is currently pushing for laws to curb what it calls Islamic separatism in the country. Targeting French Muslims, critics say the French government violates the country’s rules for freedom and liberty.

But President Emmanuelle Macron is not stopping in his attempt to punish the ‘extremists’ Muslims.

Ironically, France is moving forward against China when it is attacking the Muslims at home.

However, the French move against China is linked to geopolitical needs and international politics.

France is joining the league of nations fighting against the rise of China as a superpower.

To make the grade, Paris has to show some action against the Chinese ‘violations’ against Muslims.

These are the people who follow the same religion as the French Muslims.

China is attacking the Muslims in the country, imprisoning them and bullying them perhaps beyond repair.

France is no different and is also attacking Muslims schools, Masjids and Madrassah in France. The plan is to jail extremists or perhaps, kick them out of France.

There are no main differences in the two policies carried out by the French and the Chines against the Muslims.

Yet, France finds it important to show its new friends in the international arena it is targeting China.

It is not out of benevolence that France is bringing the issue to the UN.

Nevertheless, France points to “unjustifiable practices” against this Muslim minority.

The foreign minister also denounced a “series of significant setbacks for human rights”.


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