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France should tone down all hatred and curse for Islam!

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Recognise the failings of the past and mobilise together around French secularism and its republican principles.

This is the message from more than 50 French leftists personalities belonging to various currents published in Le Monde today.

The personalities also call for the rejection of “anathemas” or curse against others. They say this is very pronounced within the Emmanuel Macron government.

Their message in Le Monde is the right assessment of the current state of affairs with Macron. A sudden swing to the extreme right without considering the global consequences.

France is not a small village country, it has a huge status globally and is well respected today among many.

It has earned and gained the respect in many Muslim countries, including Malaysia for example.


Here, in Kuala Lumpur, France made huge efforts to consolidate its presence in the country. It also spent a lot of time and energy in building better relations with the Malaysian government.

Paris has also build a huge following in the business world here, gaining traction for its innovative approaches. It is a place where people are going to learn more about modern technology.

France has accepted all the races and religions, it is true. But there is still this stigmatising factor.

Not to forget it is liked by many in this country. Its winning the World Cup was a sort of liberation for many people across the world. They saw France as an International country, not a French country no more.

It is revolting that France saw two grievous attacks in a short time. One with the murder of the French professor Samuel Paty. The other with the attack in Nice.

True, these attacks can only mean the opponents are bent on sowing hatred and terror. They are also meant for the government of France to move away from patience and perseverance.

Alas, the group of leftist French says this is what is happening.

The believe that since the October 16 tragedy, some, sometimes even within government, have embarked on anathemas and delusional accusations.

“They take the heavy responsibility of weakening the country in the face of terrorists by pitting the French against each other.

“Have the assassins and those who encouraged them already won?”


“We urgently need to mobilize together around secular and republican principles.” This is the call from the group as published in Le Monde.

They say if the country fails, radical Islamism and the far right would have won “a decisive victory by making the religious question, and more precisely of Islam, the pivot of French policy, to the detriment of social, ecological and social and social emergencies.”

“Worse, it will have installed lasting seeds of civil war.”

While asking how many teachers and public service employees will remain unheard and unprotected, they also ask how many Muslims will continue to face discrimination in the lack of action from the State?

The group do not believe there will be much success if the French government fights Islamic radicalism without attacking the roots causes of racism in the country.

It says there is racism, discrimination and social and urban tears in abandoned territories.

The President, they say, should not pretend to ignore that there are forces within Islam, in France and elsewhere, ready to combat deadly influences.

“This lack of a global vision always gives a symbolic victory to radical Islamists. It has long favoured their establishment.”

“The gap is vertiginous between the banner of freedom of expression brandished by Macron and the daily life of teachers and artists who censor themselves”

Terrorism and all manifestations of a totalitarian ideology must be fought at all cost. The authorities must use the legal means which are abundant.

“We must resist the temptation to react to each attack with an additional law or spectacular posturing.

“The shortcomings are mainly due to a lack of intelligence and coordination resources, especially in the monitoring of social networks,” they say.

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