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German Green Energy Failure With Coal Plant Reconnect

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Whatever the Germans choose to call it, re-connecting a coal-fired power plant to the country’s electricity system represents a complete failure of the nation’s green energy plans.

Additionally, it demonstrates that Europe as a whole is not all that serious about its “green programmes,” as its member nations are able to easily switch between plugs to suit their needs.

These are the same countries that are vigorously promoting a “green” energy agenda on a global basis, pressuring developing countries to adopt green policies or risk losing support from the EU, for instance.

The previously shut-down Mehrum coal power plant in Lower Saxony will become the first to be reconnected to Germany’s grid as the country rushes to secure energy sources before the next winter months.

Smoke business is good?

Kathrin Voelkner, the manager of the Czech-owned EGH running firm, declared the return to the electricity market on Monday. According to the Frankfurter Neue Presse newspaper, “We anticipate returning to the grid in the near future.”

Prior to the action, the federal government passed an emergency legislation allowing shut-down coal and oil power facilities to resume operations until April of 2019 due to the country’s energy shortage caused by the crisis in Ukraine.

All of a sudden, smoking the environment with coal is a good thing?

Green energy future

What are the prospects for green energy initiatives? The Europeans may have to climb down from their perches and acknowledge that the world is not quite ready for a total overhaul of the energy supply system.

They could be humbled this time to take another look at their green ideas rather than sitting all haughty in their lofty castles and telling the world that their environmental footprint is a universal solution.

They ought to reconsider their investment strategies for the rest of the globe since the majority of nations still struggle to give their citizens access to enough electricity.

Imagine how difficult it will be for the poorer countries and those that require investment, for instance, to convert from coal to batteries, if it is so simple for Europe to switch from green to black energy.

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Kazi Mahmood

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