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Huawei Ads Joins Partners to Grow its Presence in Malaysia Mobile Ads

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Dec 2021 /PRNewswire/ — HUAWEI Ads, the mobile advertising division by Huawei, announced that it has joined the Malaysian Digital Association (MDA) as a member and has also signed a partnership deal with media investment company, GroupM, which the latter acts as the certified agency partner to drive the advertising sales in Malaysia. The strengthened relationships with the local leading industry body and advertising brand, help the organisations to draw on each other’s strengths and allow HUAWEI Ads to contribute to the adtech industry growth in Malaysia.

HUAWEI Ads joins forces with MDA and GroupM to grow its presence in Malaysia’s mobile advertising industry. Launched in 2020 in the Asia-Pacific region, HUAWEI Ads is a one-stop, programmatic advertising marketplace tailored for Huawei devices. Through HUAWEI Ads, advertisers can choose from diverse ad options for placements within Huawei’s native and third-party apps, according to their campaign objectives.

MDA is a non-profit organization focused on the growth of Malaysia’s digital economy. Joining the membership connects HUAWEI Ads with a committed group of digital advertising professionals, including digital publishers, platforms, advertising, and creative agencies. This will enable HUAWEI Ads to stay at the forefront of the digital ad trends and play a part in shaping Malaysia’s digital policies and advertising standards.

MDA also provides a platform for knowledge sharing. In early December, HUAWEI Ads has been invited to become one of the speakers at a recent MDA’s “Digital Wednesday”, an online program sharing about emerging tech in Malaysia. During the session, Huawei’s representative spoke about the multi-digital touchpoints available in Huawei mobile ecosystem that can help brands to effectively reach fresh audiences in a hyper-connected world.  

Forging strategic partnerships to expand foothold in Malaysia

Besides participating in the industry association, HUAWEI Ads has also inked a partnership with GroupM, the parent company for top digital agencies such as Wavemaker, Mindshare, Mediacom and m/SIX. As a “HUAWEI Ads Certified Agency”, GroupM and its agencies will have exclusive access to the inventory options available on HUAWEI Ads in Malaysia.

“GroupM is one of the most renowned brands in the digital advertising field with strong track records and market share. The partnership will allow us to expose our differentiated ad solutions to GroupM’s current and potential advertisers,” said Rei Xiao, director of Malaysia Huawei Device Ecosystem.

HUAWEI Ads was also the Titanium Sponsor of SourceCode 2021, the annual conference hosted by GroupM addressing the latest innovations, challenges, and insights in the digital marketing industry.

In the conference, Xiao shared that the mobile era growth has shown a sign of plateau, with app usage and MAU peaking at about 5 hours/day and 1.55 billion respectively. The user acquisition costs, on the other hand, have increased 3- to 5-fold over the last 5 years, posing a challenge for advertising effectiveness.

“According to ResearchGate, at the end of 2025, on averagely each person will own more than 9 smart devices. Data is all around us, accumulated across a variety of platforms. However, the fragmentation in operating systems cause barriers in cross-ecosystem sharing, data exchange and incompatible capabilities; leaving us a large pool of data which is scattered and messy,” said Xiao.

“In mobile ad scenario, HUAWEI Ads is aiming to bridge the data connectivity and minimize its complexity to provide precise reach and more intelligent ads distribution. This is made possible with Huawei’s all-scenario 1+8+N strategy.”

Under the ‘1+8+N’ strategy, the smartphone serves as One centre, and Huawei’s ecosystem partners connect across Eight (8) supporting devices to create a fully-connected IoT environment consisting of Endless (N) services is a key advantage for more cohesive data.

“Built upon Huawei’s established ecosystem, HUAWEI Ads is leveraging the synergies between Huawei’s devices, native apps, open capabilities and over 33,000 third-party app media integrated into its network, to connect the data dots across various smart devices and apps, and helps advertisers reach out to more than 730 million global potential customers on its mobile ecosystem,” Xiao concluded.

The new ad features such as in-app bidding and contextual ads will be introduced globally to meet growing advertiser needs. HUAWEI Ads is also actively in talks with other respected media firms to form more strategic alliances and expand its position locally.

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