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Human Struggle Enters a New Phase

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Human Struggle Enters a New Phase

From the time of the Prophets to the Kings, before the division of the human DNA into races, we were one, united, earth-loving. What has happened to the humans that they are losing control of their own planet? What should we expect next with the new world order on the horizon?


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Below is a video that compiles this article into frames to give it a better visual representation of what we think is happening to humanity.

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From the time of the Prophets to the Kings, before the division of the human DNA into races, we were one, united, earth-loving.

But other civilisations other races were born, and with them came greed and envy.

Some became the raiders butchering innocents. Other conquerors enslaving the weak.

Humanity was at odds with God, with nature, and sometimes, with fellow humans. Yet, humanity came of age with social and industrial revolutions.

These revolutions shaped the world bringing changes to society and to many countries. Soon after came the big wars, and it is not farfetched to believe the desire for freedom from some colonised countries contributed to the trigger for the World Wars.

Why? The point is if India and some other British-controlled countries did not show the desire to be independent, with revolt fermenting in their cities and villages, Britain would not go to war. Who knows?

Before the World wars, Libya was in turmoil, so were Sudan and other countries. Europe felt the need to contain its colonies while Germany saw an opportunity to snatch more land from its cousins and made plans to become a global superpower.. or global colonists. The bid was probably to oust Britain as the colonial thus global power.

Seeing an opportunity for its own race, Japan joined the war. Were they to become conquerors from a better race against the weaker races? They followed the pattern laid by Nazi Germany. Once again, the world was ripe for the taking; it was open warfare.

While Japan, Germany, Britain, and Europe were discussing how to salvage or share the spoils, the colonialists looked upon the rest of the world as precious resources.

They would tear themselves apart to own us all. They fought, but the fight for global power changed us again.


They call the first major conflict that shook Europe World War One. But they mostly fought the war in Europe. However, the politics behind the war was clear. The winners will own the colonies. The winners kept their occupied territories. As for the rest of the world, they remained colonised.

It devastated parts of Europe, the number of deaths was appalling and the losers will not lay down their weapons.


The smell of death does not deter the people of Europe from taking up arms 21 years later. While Europe was tearing itself apart, occupied nations were rising to free themselves.

Germany lost, the winners defeated Japan, Italy succumbed to the winners and Turkey’s empire collapsed. This results from World War 2 but it gave the British an enormous political blow. The early German and Japanese successes in the war showed the weakness of the global superpower, Britain.

It fermented more revolts in British-held territories. Liberation and Independence were on almost every citizen’s mind and a few decades after WW2 saw many countries gaining their independence from England, France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, and so on.

A new world was rising. But came the UN. It gives the world a new shape and this what we inherited: a badly drawn map of the world with blurred lines separating humanity.

That is what we call nation-building in the modern age?

After all, came the fall of communism, which signalled more changes in the world. Yet, just like there can’t be Prophets without Satan roving the earth, it appears the death of communism is bad for democracies.

With the American presidential election chaos, we can ask ourselves whether we witnessing the end game? The question is whether what is happening in America will happen elsewhere? Is democracy collapsing?

With the fall of communism in Russia, we notice that democracy started to struggle and capitalism, which is the economic system mostly used in democracies, is also struggling.

We have had several economic and financial crises since Moscow turned green.

Perhaps the world needs a new balancing force. Is it going to be China? Will the rise of communist china rebalance the world? Will its rise give Democracy a reason to be? If Democracies do not have enemies, they look weak and they may falter.

But with the rise of China, will the independent countries lose their identity and their hard-fought freedom? Don’t forget the Belt and Road Initiative and its economic intricacies. The BRI pushed by China is creating economic enclaves controlled by China in many countries. These countries are falling into a debt trap. China is the boss.


For us, clearly, a ‘New World Order’ is in the making. But it is not necessarily the Western-led or the American ‘Project For A New American Century’ that is winning.

Power is definitely shifting hands from Europe, from America to other centers. Will China, India, Africa, Arabia gain the right to global domination next?

We hear the drums of war sounding. China is leading in this thrust for a balance of power in the world, while the West and their allies are scrambling to stop this from happening. They are pushing other forces, like India, to challenge China. But is it too late?

This is the new phase we are witnessing, and many things are taking place behind closed doors. However, we believe the world is not ready for conquistadors and the people are not afraid to face global powers. We are not in 1920. We are in 2021.

In the meantime, we should not forget that the superpowers and rising powers are as cruel. And just like in the prophet’s stories, there will be a fighter. A defender of the people who will rise to fight evil empires!

One who will come from the people. Maybe a hero. Or a country. Or a group of nations.

But one thing is for sure. Whoever wants to dominate the world now will have to tame 8 billion people. If we the people stay united. We can beat them and we can dictate the terms for the new world order. Can we?

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