Indian app maker’s rapid expansion in Mauritius

Indian app maker’s rapid expansion in Mauritius

A company that started as an advertising agency is making it big in Mauritius. It is now an app maker with four brands under its sleeve.

For the first time, the Island is seeing an ecological initiative of a global scale thanks to the efforts of 26-year-old Veda Dean.

The latter rallied forces to launch the first-ever educational mobile game under the UNESCO Patronage in Africa, says Your Story.

The company,  ‘Panda’ and ‘Wolf’, has an app called Eco Warriors targeting at building ecological awareness among the natives, especially children.

Its horizon spans over the region with Mauritius, Rodrigues, Reunion and Madagascar, which together form the Mascarene Islands.

“In Mauritius, there is no recycling system or factory to upcycle or recycle any waste. There is just a small company which recycles only electronic waste and that too you have to pay a huge amount for waste to be recycled,” says Veda adding,

“With the Eco-Warriors project, we aim is to not only educate the kids and their parents but also establish for the first time, a system of a circular economy,” Veda told the portal.

The advertising company has evolved into a holding with four brands under its umbrella, including an adtech division; Discover Mauritius, a travel guide app that works offline; Homepanda, a real estate platform providing solutions to home seekers; and Eco-Warriors, the edutainment app that helps reduce carbon emissions while educating children.

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