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Kovol is a super-devices charger that you need!

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Part of the daily deal is to struggle with phone charging. With the lockdowns, we experienced a situation in which we had to keep charging the phone while using it.

However, there is a great and accessible option out there and it is the Kovol sprint charger, a charging box that allows you to fast charge a single MacBook Pro 15.4″ from 0–100% in just 2 hours.

The laptop will charge at the full 65W while you are fast-charging an iPhone 13 from 0–50% in 30 minutes at 20W power or higher.

I must say that I have not experienced simultaneous High-Speed Charging before. With Kovol, this is possible.

You can simultaneously high-speed charge with the Dual USB-C ports(65W total output)that support fast charging of your MacBook Air (45W) and iPhone (20W).

I get more battery juice in half an hour with Kovol than with any other chargers out there.

4-in-1 Charger

Simple design, easy to plug your devices. It is a rapid charging unit at US$49 retail price

What does it mean to have a 4-in-1 charger? It means you and your loved ones can share the same charging spot while watching TV or having dinner.

Which is what we did here. That is my son got his phone super-charged on the same Kovol where my phone was charging. Amazing.

On the other hand, this gallium nitride or GaN charger enables you to power 4 devices at the same time. Meanwhile, intelligent power allocation supplies optimal charging for each device.


Besides, it is compatible with Samsung, iPhone and you can plug it into any USB-C ports on your desktop or laptop.

While charging your devices, it remains cool because you can barely feel the heat from the unit.

On its website, you can read that it is equipped with an exclusive Q-Pulse charging tech and multiple protection features. For safety, it is so far a plus to have Kovol.

There are no problems such as short-circuit, over-current, and other issues which are eliminated, says the company.

Kovol offers total buyer confidence by providing a 12-month warranty, with a further 12 months upon product registration on the website

Kovol offers total buyer confidence by providing a 24-month warranty for orders made directly on Kovol’s website.

I am going to buy another one for safe keep, in case my son takes the one I have with him on his holiday trips!

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