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Petronas Gas Chief Executive Officer Abdul Aziz Othman

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Islam and Christianity are the two biggest religions in the world

The opposition in Pakistan is persistent in their claims that Imran Khan is taking money from israel

Muhammad Bin Salam is on a roll with reforms in all sectors of Saudi Arabia

grey jet plane
UK army chief says wars could result from COVID-19 — Photo by Pixabay on

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A new world order is in the making and it is not what you think it will be…

Anwar Ibrahim defends Thomas but criticises him for lack o of judgement on the civil service and Malays

Brexit is over for the UK now will it focus on CANZUK?


Paper detergents are light, easy to ship. This business is making people rich and we recommend it to our readers!

Neck Fans are popular in some countries but they did not pick up here though its not a bad idea!
Halal Taiwan is a booming business…opportunity for export and franchises. Read On.

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