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Saturday was not about gay rights or Lgbt’s right to walk freely in the country. They are always free and they have all the rights as any other Mauritian citizens. 
This has never been a problem for them. Why? Because rally or not, the gay community in Mauritius is regarded as a fun community. People joke about them, about their lifestyle and even portray them as paederasts or sodomists.
And they are always happy with these acronyms, are they not?

But why in the holy month of Ramadan, observed by the Muslims and respected by all the communities on the Island, the Lgbt group decided to hold a ‘gay march’?
Mauritius is not Europe or the United States where gay rights are legally recognised.
There are laws in Mauritius that does not allow for gay marriages. Thus a rally for gay rights is an illegal rally.
Holding events that promote sodomy is also illegal in Mauritius.
Yet the Collectif Arc en Ciel successfully organised such rallies for more than a decade in the country. Only to be stopped by a group of decided young Muslims this time around.
Many questions abound
Why did the gay rights group decide to do such an event during the Muslim holy month? Is it not tantamount to provocation?
Hence provoking the Muslims is allowed, but fighting sodomists are now wrong?
The other question is why did the Mauritius authorities allow such a rally in the first place when the laws of the country do not allow sodomist to be married to each other?
And the third vital question – all of them need answers from the relevant group and authorities – is why did the police give so much support and protection for a march by an illicit group?
Why illicit group? The laws in the country do not allow gay marriage and condemn acts of sodomy. Since when do the authorities support illicit activities and make it legal without a vote in the Parliament?
The other major points in this affair are the accusation by the Lgbt group leader Pauline Verner, who made grave accusations against the Muslims who demonstrated against them on Saturday.
In a video published on Motinews, she made false accusations that the Muslim crowd (which she surprisingly calculated at 400).
Shaming the police
She said the Muslims came with the intentions to kill since they came with a cache of weapons. Were the weapons invisible? The police would have arrested the entire crowd had there been weapons at the rally.
Her statement, though untrue, altogether shamed the same police that was so eager to protect them.
Did she mean the police was ignorant or feigned ignorance while weapons were in the hands of the crowd shouting Allah O Akhbar?
Is that not a shame for the local police indeed? People they were protecting suddenly turned against them for their apparent stupidity?
But the real shame for the local police force is the fact that they went all the way to protect foreigners backed by their embassies to go against their Mauritian counterparts?
Mauritius still a colon country?
This gives us the impression that Mauritius is still a colony of the French and we Mauritians are to be dictated by the colons.
The 200 odd people that Pauline assembled – with surely only a small percentage being gay – did not deserve more ‘protection’ than the faith of the Muslims in Mauritius.
Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth will have to blame himself when he fares badly in Muslim constituencies in the next elections.
Now it depends whether any sane Mauritian would be brave enough to go to a police station to make a report for fake news and false accusation against Pauline Verner?
Since the police are her protector, the persons reporting her crime could be in trouble!


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