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Mauritius: Raping our democracy ‘Xplik ou k’?

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By D.F., Port Louis

As a daily driver, my routine is to switch on the radio every morning on the way to work. For almost 4 years, I have been a faithful of the radio interactive show “Xplik ou K”, where citizens of Mauritius call on the radio set to speak out on problems affecting them.

Last year, “Xplik ou K”, was so good that at the end of the year, I voted for the duo Anacootee-Bablee, for the personality of the year nominations.

The show helped so many people and the animators Anacootee and Gilbert Bablee were so sincere in their approach that most Mauritians admired them and kept hope they were the saviours of the people who are suffering.

When Deven Anacootee left, Subhashnee Mahadeo paired with Gilbert Bablee to ensure the animation.

Little did anyone know that a bigger plan was being prepared behind the scenes. Many times on the show, the names Leevy Frivet and Gilles L’entetté were made familiar to the public when matters concerning them were raised.

They were always available, always helpful and the public, in general, gave positive feedback via social media for the work they were doing. Earlier this year, a leaked document mentioned the names L’entetté, Bablee and Frivet as potential candidates for the coming elections. “Xplik ou K” continued and no one took the rumour seriously.

However, things became clear a few days ago when confirmation was given that all four people were going to be candidates under the MSM banner.

This is not something to be taken lightly. I felt betrayed by the choice of Mr Bablee. I felt as a youngster that a plan was made behind our backs to reach to the national assembly. In my opinion, it is a rape of democracy. I maintain my choice of words. Rape.

For four years, you have given the people of Mauritius hope that without politics, an independent radio station can help people by putting pressure on authorities.

For four years, people have looked at you as heroes, you did not do them any favour though, Mrs Mahadeo and Mr Bablee. You are paid as journalists to work on a show which helps people.

I heard Subhashnee Mahadeo speaking at a gathering at Ste Croix claiming she “helped” people.

What are you even saying? Firstly your payroll was ensured at each end of the month, then you left for Planet FM, a much smaller audience, where was your consideration for people suffering then? That said, it is unfair talking as if you were doing social work.

Coming to a more serious argument about raping democracy, let me make you understand this clearly Mr Bablee. Your choice of choosing the party in power makes it clear to everyone. “If you can’t beat them, join them”. Is this how someone of your calibre and age thinks? What message is this to the youth?

That there is no alternative politics? An influential person like you joins a major party makes youngsters like me wake up without hope of change. What is the future of “Xplik ou K?” Will it be a trampoline now?

Any animator will come and perform and that will, in turn, make him eligible as a potential candidate? In case you are not elected, your potential will go to waste.

The stigma of a fallen politician will be stuck on your back. I wish to tell you that the youth is disappointed. The people you have let down will let you know their feelings on the 7th of November. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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