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Sherrygate, Navingate, Mama-Piti, Labourgate, Papa-Piti…the list of abuses, financial scandals and alleged robberies is long.

From the Labour Party, PMSD to the MSM, ML, the dirt is thick and the mess they made during their reign is unending.

And now, people are asking ‘Who is the Baron’ in the series “Dans Les Entrailles du Pouvoir”…

Not to forget the contracts and top jobs in government-linked companies to family members and friends, or party apparatchiks.

While the Labour and the MSM, the two main parties battling it in the mud, are slinging at one another, the world is watching.


Yes, the world is watching and will be keen to know whether these scandals are only the tip of the iceberg?

It is good for the media to attack the political organisations on the alleged scandals. But it is not good for both the MSM and PTR to fight each other in public like two mafia organisations.

The same leaders who told the people of Mauritius whom they will represent should win trust. But they took the unsuspected people in a whirl-wind of immorality.

Never has politicians gone down the gutter to this extent in Mauritius. I can’t believe the population will vote for either the PTR or the MSM with the piling scandals in their hands.

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With the number of scandals uncovered, and those already known to the public, the MSM and PTR break the record for a stable democratic country like Mauritius.

It is not only a shameful, but it is also a dangerous precedent set by the two parties who want to rule the country. The MSM-ML wants to maintain its grip on power. The PTR wants to regain power it lost in a gambit in 2014.

There is already global scrutiny on the mud-slinging in Mauritius. The shortest election campaign is not helping the MSM-ML did not reply to the scandals exposed.


Brushing aside the scandals and accusations and closing an eye, as the MSM and PTR have always done, on the scandals ripping them off is not the way to go.

The World leaders are watching and they are getting worried. The question they are asking is whether democracy in Mauritius is threatened?

Corrupt leaders will curb freedoms and will try to make promises that will win votes. Or they will give so much freedom and dole out so much cash in order to hide their sins and commit more sins.

Either way, the MSM and the PTR are putting the country into a serious state of local and international mistrust. They will destroy the democratic institutions — just as Pravind Jugnauth’s government has done — in order to maintain political power.


With the number of scandals exposed, it appears they are only the tip of a scary iceberg of enormous proportion.

There seems to be little doubt the MSM has committed more crimes in power than we know of. They are good at hiding the truth and diverting the attention from scandals.

The same is happening with the PTR, they are not really tackling the scandals thrown at them and have closed an eye on Navin Ramgoolam’s macarena.

They believe not answering the Navingate will get the population to forget the videos the people are watching by the tens of thousands!

Navin Ramgoolam, the future PM for the PTR, is simply pushing the dirt under the carpet and rolling on in victorious chimes.

I bet he has no clue how to handle the crisis once he is in power. Will he keep throwing the dirt under the carpets where cash may also be hidden by the millions?

This is not only about the Mauritian population. The MSM and PTR dirt and wrongdoings are about investor confidence, business stability and the hurt they are doing to the limited potential for growth we have.

For the Mauritians, instead of allowing promises of public holidays to galvanise them amid promises of cash handouts, it is the impact the scandals, and the mismanagement expected ahead that should worry them to death. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});


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