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MSM agents working against party in rural areas?

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“We can say the group of agents in No 6 abandoned their MSM posts. They are ready to assist the MMM candidates in distributing leaflets and may even help in night canvassing,” says a source.

“This is a massive turnaround in these elections. It is a direct outcome of the Sunday rally in Port Louis,” says the source.

The information gathered in the northern region or constituency no 5 and 6 shows defections from the MSM.

It involves the agents who are contributing to distribute leaflets and canvass the residents of specific villages in these constituencies.

“The MSM has lost control of its agents in these regions. We can also say the same phenomenon is taking place in No, 7, 8 and 9.”

The source said PM Pravind Jugnauth’s seat is also at stake with several agents not willing to canvass for the party in the constituency.

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After a speech in which Sir Aneerood Jugnauth said he would want his son, PM Pravind to quit politics if he is not PM, many are saying it is a confession Pravind may not be elected.

Based on some information we gathered, it appears the MSM mentor has wind of a big defeat for the MSM.


Last night, Paul Berenger, leader of the MMM said he believes the MSM is going to die after the elections.

Speaking to a big crowd at Cité Atlee, Curepipe, he says the MSM will not survive and will disappear if it’s not in power.

He also believes the Labour Party (PTR) leader, Navin Ramgoolam will not be elected. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
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