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Another death while in detention, another family crying foul and the entire country is at a loss why this is happening to their people!

The death of Khaleel Anarath not only brought the family to tears, but they believe the bereaved was murdered.

“My brother Khaleel confided that he was in danger”, said a brother of the deceased.

The brother of the gentleman, Zakir Anarath, says he was given the name of one of the policemen who had beaten the person in jail.

A lawyer of the deceased says the latter had a case in court and was not present in one of the session.

Zakir says he has information a family whose name starts with ‘B’ had paid a huge amount of money to eliminate Khaleel.

He did not say if the family in question was involved in the court case where Khaleel was a witness.


Yesterday, the lawyers and the family members of the dead man spoke at a press conference to seek justice.

They are saying this is a “murder case.” The detained person passed away on Nov 29.

The family and the lawyers urge the Commissioner of Police in Mauritius and the Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth to open an inquiry.

They want to know the exact cause of death of the detained individual who is in his thirties.

A family member told the media the deceased told him he was tortured by the police.

They say they have evidence of brutality in detention and the police wanted the detained gentleman to sign a testimony which he refused.

Décès du détenu Khaleel Anarath: Les proches du défunt croient en un "murder case"

Décès du détenu Khaleel Anarath: Les proches du défunt croient en un "murder case"Les proches de Khaleel Anarath, soutenus par leurs hommes de lois Mes Sanjeev Teeluckdharry et Anoup Goodary, ont tenu aujourd’hui 5 décembre une conférence de presse pour dénoncer le décés de Khaleel le 29 novembre dernier alors qu'il était en détention. Ils croient fermement qu'il s'agit là d'un "murder case". Ils lancent un apel au Commissaire de police, au Premier Ministre ainsi qu'aux autorités concernées pour ouvrir une enquête sur les causes exactes du décès de ce trentenaire sur qui pesait des allégations d'agression. Ils disent détenir des preuves qu'il avait été brutalisé par la police durant sa détention.

Posted by Sunday TIMES on Thursday, December 5, 2019
Watch the video of the presser here but it is in Creole

They wanted him to accept testimonies from a case in which he had nothing to do.

Responding to the media, the police says they are studying the possibility to open an inquiry on the death of the citizen.


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