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New census or not, the truth is damaging but the people want to know the truth.

The point is there has not been a communal census for more than four decades in Mauritius.

Do we need a new population census for Mauritius? Has there been a change in the population percentage?

In an article on the population of Mauritius, we said the Hindu community has lost the majority status.

Nevertheless, the absence of a new communal census will not alter this fact.

The last communal census was done in 1972. Subsequent population census results obliterated the community segment.

New Census
This is the last time the percentage of the population was divided by the respective communities…

It appears that from 1983 onwards, there was a ten percent increase in the population every for ten years.

However, a source told WFTV the department merely added 10% to population rise without really doing a census.

One reason for this is data cross-checking between the Statistics department and the Electoral Commission. 

Check the population figures. A steady increase – 10% – sounds fishy? But look there is no community list!

The formula (adding 10% population) was halted until 1997 perhaps due to Paul Berenger’s objections. We have no idea why.

That was the time when MMM leader Paul Berenger left Labour-MMM government.

After 1998 they still used the blanket 10 percent. But the tendencies on the ground were not the same.

“From 1998 to 2000, the Hindu population started to decline.

A percentage converted to Islam, to the Mission Salut et Geurison and to the Light Ministry. Some joined the La Voix de la Delivrance.

The drop in the Hindu population tendency took another turn as from 2005 to 2014.

A larger percentage have joined other faiths. 

“This time some 10-12% of the Hindu population converted to other faiths,” the source said.

“This has created some fear within the authorities. Thus the absence of a community census.

“There are lobbies that are against such a census,” said the source to WFTV.

Our aim is to know the fact.

If things have changed, then it must be for the better, not for the worst.

A new census that discloses the community percentage will help the country understand the transformation it is going through.

Our sources in New Delhi confirms this transformational change in Mauritius.


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