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New End Game: Target Russia

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On June 25, the war in Ukraine will enter its fifth month and it is now clear that there is a new end-game in the war and it is to destabilise and bring down the government in Russia.

Since the war in Ukraine started, the Western world has been in a hurry to punish its ‘enemy’.

It started a worldwide ban of Russian goods and personalities, in an unprecedented official ‘cancel’ policy that is reminiscent of the ‘cancel culture’ in the United States.

The main factors in the sudden deployment of a global banishment of an entire country are the haste with which it was designed, as well as the dangerous philosophy behind the design. Now it is becoming obvious that the West do not want to end this war. They are benefiting from it.

A U.S. Army convoy in Vilseck, Germany during Operation Atlantic Resolve, NATO’s efforts to reassert its military presence in central and eastern Europe that began in April 2014.

We should not forget what is behind the intentions to banish Russia, a country that has been at odds with the Americans on the global geopolitical scene.

The Western world is doing little to end the conflict in Ukraine. Instead, it is escalating the conflict by unwavering support for Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Westernophile.

Ukraine is also an aggressor if one considers the attacks in the country’s eastern region, which began in 2014.

This was amplified by Ukraine’s army and ‘volunteers’ from some obscure neo-Nazi forces and their constant attacks against civilian targets in the Donbas region, and so on.

Ukraine’s Western allies intend to send long-range missiles capable of targeting Russian forces in the current conflict. 

Experts say Ukraine lacks such missile platforms and that acquiring them from the United States and the United Kingdom, for example, will help level the playing field.

While the Russians downplay the significance of these missile systems’ future deployment, Moscow is also planning a deeper offensive into Ukraine’s territory to limit the impact of long-range missile strikes on its troops.

Protecting civilians

The real reason Moscow is digging deeper into Ukraine is to protect the Donbas region from constant attacks. It is attempting to create a buffer zone between Ukrainian forces and civilian targets. Some believe that this will also make it easier to target these platforms.

These indicate that Western military leaders are once again hastily concluding that more sophisticated weapons, which will take time to deploy, will change the course of the war.

The West’s and its mainstream media’s complete dismissal of the problem in Ukraine’s east is the key to understanding why the global geopolitical and geoeconomic game has changed for good!

The United States and the United Kingdom are pouring billions of dollars into the Ukraine conflict. They do nothing to stop the bloodshed in Ukraine’s east, where pro-Moscow citizens have been subjected to vicious attacks by pro-Nazi forces.

This is the reality. Ignoring this does not make any of Ukraine’s attacks on pro-Moscow civilians justified. And it does not help when there are no attempts from the West to end the war while it was still in its infancy. The West has previously demonstrated its ability to bring warring factions together and negotiate a peace treaty.

However, they have demonstrated in the past that they can fuel a war to achieve geopolitical and long-term international goals.

They are attempting to destabilise President Putin’s regime in Russia. This was their plan long before the 2014 war in eastern Ukraine and the secession of Crimea from Ukraine.

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