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NextBank and Alphabit’s ABCC Crypto Exchange To Offer Digital Banking

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SUNRISE, FL, Aug 26, 2022 – – NextPlay Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: NXTP), a digital native ecosystem for finance, digital advertisers, and video gamers, announced today that NextBank International, Inc, the international banking unit of NextPlay’s fintech division, has structured and signed a Collaboration Agreement with Alphabit Consulting Pte Ltd, formally launching the process of bringing deposit accounts and payment cards to members of Alphabit’s ABCC cryptocurrency exchange.

The signed agreement creates an opportunity for tens of thousands of ABCC customers to open NextBank accounts and represents the first partner onboarding since NextBank revamped its operating systems to support this type of scalability.

Once implemented, ABCC Exchange customers will be able to convert cryptocurrencies to, and use NextBank accounts to transact in, fiat currencies, and also use NextBank prepaid cards that will allow ABCC Exchange customers to transact in fiat currencies using their crypto assets.

In the future, subject to NextBank’s and ABCC’s receipt of necessary regulatory approvals, the parties intend to provide an additional opportunity for ABCC customers to apply for payment cards under which approved customers will have the ability to borrow funds from NextBank, which borrowings are to be secured by cryptocurrencies held by the customer in a separate account at ABCC.

Alphabit’s Singapore Base

Alphabit has built a broad global user base with ABCC. As a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange operator, Alphabit has submitted a license application under the Payment Service Act 2019 to provide account issuance services and digital payment token services as it continues to operate under a license exemption.

Todd Bonner, chairman of the board of directors of NextPlay Technologies and head of the company’s fintech division, states: “Last month our team implemented improvements in NextBank’s core operating infrastructure, significantly expanding the capabilities of our Fintech division, including for mobile and online banking.

“We intend to continue that improvement by seeking regulatory approval to add insurance products and block chained assets to our banking services. With the ABCC relationship, we have the potential to expand NextBank’s deposit base and depositor count to many multiples of their current level.

“The relationship with ABCC is expected to provide us with the opportunity to offer credit to this emerging class of high-net-worth crypto investors. Soon, we expect to offer unique insurance products and well-underwritten and currently not easily accessible real world alternative asset classes. We are very thankful to Calvin and his excellent team for offering us a chance to grow with ABCC.”

ABCC president, Calvin Ng, says the discussions with NextBank started earlier this year seeking their financial services due to their architectural design, international online banking capabilities, and their positioning in the international online banking marketplace.

“We believe that such a cooperation between ABCC and NextBank will mark the beginning of a new paradigm in digital assets and banking, providing a new form of seamless services of the future. ABCC is very happy to secure this cooperation and encourages crypto exchanges globally to follow such a path.” (ACN Newswire)

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