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Now on Which Country’s Payroll Are You?

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That’s a tricky question when it comes to Mauritius, a country where ‘Katorie’ is legendary.

For those who do not know what it means, ‘Katorie’ is a term that applies to recipients of ‘aid’ or ‘funds’ from abroad.

In the past, Mauritius had very few political parties. It was easier to understand the geopolitical aspects.

France, Britain and the West mostly were influential with India taking the larger share of the lions in the long run.

New Delhi became the main donor to the Mauritian governments.

When we say governments, we are talking of the Labour and MSM governments. We had many of them in the past.

The current MSM-others government is a major recipient of aid from India. 

Aid is also flowing from China, Japan and surely the Western nations but these are not as big as the Indian outpouring of aid.


Japanese Ambassador to Mauritius Shuichiro Kawaguchi recently announced the extension of loans to Mauritius.

He says Japan will extend up to ¥30 billion ($284 million) in loans to Mauritius.

This, he says, will help its economy recover from the coronavirus pandemic and a major oil spill last year caused by a Japanese freighter.

Tokyo is also offering grant aid of ¥600 million. The grant will help Mauritius’ efforts to boost disaster risk reduction at sea and enhance maritime security.


Aid from India has dried up suddenly. The shock was for PM Privind Jugnauth we are told. He was expecting the Foreign Minister of India to come with a big chunk of aid.

But it is more loans and these need repayment. New Delhi will perhaps, extend the loan in the future to help Mauritius.

But what happened to the aid that was flowing so well in recent years that it got cut-off so suddenly?

News is the Indian government is wary of misuse and is probably shifting its aid from government-to-government to cultural associations.

The aid may also come in other forms to political parties, we’re told.

And it may come from other sources altogether. There is a new alliance in the making on the international playground.

Mauritius seems to be part of this play which involves France-India-Israel.


India is not the only major nation that has a stronghold in Mauritius.

The famous RSS, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s militia, is now present in Mauritius and is wreaking havoc against minorities.

Israel also s not far away in Mauritius. It has a stronghold on the tiny Republic since the late 1980s. 

In some forums, the Israeli flag was on display, and the speakers defended Isreal’s policies towards the Palestinians. 

The participants were not always from the government bench in the Parliament.

Incidentally, the leader of a vast movement to topple the current pro-Modi regime in Mauritius has admitted his links with Israel.

Bruneau Laurette is the leader of the Citoyen Mauricien. The grouping has launched the Sel Solution Revolution (The Only Solution is Revolution) in Mauritius.

They gathered the largest crowds in recent Mauritian history calling on the government of Pravind Jugnauth to quit after the environmental disaster with the oil tanker Wakashio crashing on the shores of Mauritius last year.

Since then, Laurette has roped in the opposition parties in a rally that has not seen the same enthusiasm on Saturday, Feb 13.

The Muslims also are divided because of the links between Laurette and Israel. 

Laurette says he had military training in Israel. For this, some Muslims accuse him of having Palestinian blood on his hands.

A pro-India grouping linked to the RSS has promised it will end Laurette’s charge to overthrow the government.

But we believe they are not in a position to carry out these threats. New Delhi might not be in favour of a blood bath between the two sides.

It is not in India’s interest to see communal riotings on the coveted Island. Unless the situation demands it, then all hell may break loose.

But for the grouping to attack the Laurette group, we think this is not happening!

If Mauritius is the ground where the Indians and the Israelis are experimenting, it risks become a failure if the RSS were to target Laurette.

True, many things separate Laurette from the pro-RSS groupings in Mauritius, and now the Israeli link is causing a waning of support from Muslims.


Nevertheless, here comes the French. France is no stranger to the Island. They have virtually stolen Tromelin Island.

Instead of giving Mauritius the energy to fight back, the French virtual occupation of the territory has Mauritius bowing to Paris.

Similarly, the Indian occupation of Agalega is also turning Mauritius into an RSS playground. That is because Mauritius is giving in to India on this strategic sandbank.

In both cases, it is the victim being subjected to the Stockholm Syndrome.

But who are the French, Indians and Israelis paying to keep their playbook active in Mauritius?

There is no secret in this matter. The article tells you all that is if you are wise enough to read in between the lines!

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