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People shocked with sabre-rattling apparent RSS rally in peaceful Mauritius

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The tiny Island of Mauritius is entering sombre times with a powerful government apparently backing an RSS wing in the country.

The peaceful Island nation was shocked to see footage of sabre-rattling men rallying in cars with police escort.

The video went viral since last week. The authorities failed to explain why the RSS-looking men were given police protection.

On Monday, the initiators of the rally responded saying the weapons were made of plastic.

But they did not say why would grown-ups rally in cars threatening the peace with plastic weapons?


The NPR says the RSS is a powerful group shaping the rise of Hindu nationalism In India.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sang plays its role under the cover of the revival of the Hindu culture.

Yet, it also runs summer camps, where volunteers train with rifles. They train both men and women in camps.

When the secret is revealed, and videos uploaded on YouTube are exposed, the RSS retorts: It is for training against terror or training for self-defence.

One video that is still circulating on YouTube shows girls getting gun training. Some of the girls say they are willing to build a bomb if the situation arises.

It is an anti-Muslim training camp, says the video producer.

The RSS has a political wing and it is in power in India with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the helm.

Besides Modi, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s candidates hold the highest offices in the land.

Modi is a longtime RSS member, and the group’s influence is apparent in his Hindu nationalist policies.

The authorities, once again, are confused.


The RSS is exporting the subversion to tiny Mauritius where inter-religious tension has been on the rise.

The mark of the RSS is now seen across the Island. There is a sense of insecurity among minority communities.

Muslims and Christians are finding themselves at the wrong end of the surge in Hindu nationalism in secular Mauritius.

This is the case since the MSM-ML-others came to power in 2014 after they defeated the corrupt Labour regime.

Mauritius has also seen a rise in attacks against cultural and religious sites. The authorities has so far failed to identify who is behind such attacks.

NPR says the RSS is pushing for the Hindutva — Hindu-ness and the idea that India should be a “Hindu nation.” With this concept, there is no place for non-Hindus in India where 80% of the population are Hindus. But in Mauritius, the Hindu population is dwindling and some claim it is no more the majority community. Whatever it is, the rally with people holding sharp weapons in their hands did not go down well with the population.

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