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A petition by Prof Harmandar Singh who says he is ‘Anak Asal Terengganu’ is circulating on social media.

The petition calls for the revision and correction of what he calls the ‘unMalaysian’ budget.

The Prof says Malaysians of non-bumiputera origin in particular, are shocked with the content of the budget.

“Malaysians, especially non-bumiputras, are shocked with the recent tabling of a race-first National Budget 2021 in Parliament.

“Chinese and Indians make up 32% of the population, and yet they been allocated 2.17% of the budget for their economic well-being.”

He further says non-Malays paid 15% of taxes last year, but they were allocated 2.17% of the budget.

“Even if one goes by IRB’s conservative figures last year, Chinese and Indians pay 15% of taxes, and they have been allocated 2.17% of the budget.”

The Budget 2021 tabled last Friday has allocations based on the various communities in Malaysia.

The Indians are given RM100 million and the Chinese Rm177 million. But the Malays-Bumiputera gets a whopping RM11 billion in total.

The RM11 billion it topped up with another RM1.4 billion for Prime Minister’s Department for Islamic Affairs.

Showing his allegiance to the King of Malaysia who wanted a unity budget, the Prof says, “Ampun Tuanku, Malaysian Chinese and Indians remain your loyal subjects.

“They are also in the front lines providing brave doctors, firemen, health workers, police and army personnel.”

“We are proud to be part of your citizenry and contribute to the health and prosperity of all Malaysians.

“We seek your learned intervention and gentle wisdom in this matter.”


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