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The opposition party and the party of Anwar Ibrahim, the opposition leader now has 1 million members.

On the other hand, the party now has 1,108 branches, says the PKR in a media statement.

This is a leap in party membership and the best the party has achieved in its 21 years of existence.

“This proves that this party remains intact and strong with the support of the people.

“This proves the strength of Keadilan as the most successful party for the masses. This the first and only national and multi-racial party to achieve such successes in the history of the country,” says the media statement.

The statement is signed by Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, who is a member of the party’s politburo.

However, it is too early to celebrate this achievement. The party’s Leadership Council through its monthly meeting on 26 July 20202 has taken a resolution to urge every layer of the party leadership to intensify efforts to recruit new members.

The aim is to increase the establishment of branches in all states to prepare the party ahead of the General Election which is expected to be held at any given time.


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