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Please, Apple, now do not play politics with my money!

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Please, Apple, now do not play politics with my money or if you insist, I can become a loyal Huawei customer

I adore your items; they are without a doubt the greatest, if not the best, in the world. Though standards are slipping, if you ask me, I use your iMacs, and I know how it is. I can tell you that your firm has made life simpler for me over the previous decade.

Nonetheless, with the Ukraine war (which appears to have taken its toll on your brand), you are engaging in dirty politics. It is not your place to restrict Russian items or APPs from your shoddy App Store, in my opinion. Just because you own the App Store doesn’t give you the authority or absolute right to restrict everyone and anything while promoting a sleazy agenda.

My advice to you is to act humanely and demonstrate that, despite your vast wealth, you will do justice to your customers, no matter where they are from.

I am paying for your faulty services and your questionable new iMac (see video above), which is a shite piece of technology compared to the iMac I bought in 2011. I am still using this old iMac for light work.

Enough of my musings on this subject. The goal of this article is to smack you in the face, Apple, and demand that you abandon your prejudices and enable Russian APPs Aeroflot – Russian Airlines and others to be made available. You must also resume all of your Russian services.

Be Human, Apple

Why would you want to do that? Be responsible and human. Some pregnant women may choose to fly out of Russia in order to seek care elsewhere. Do you wish to kill that infant out of vengeance or ignorance as well? Because that is exactly what you are demonstrating. Revengeful or just plain stupidity.

What if the person is a cancer patient? Or someone seeking to flee Russia in order to meet their lover outside Russia? Consider it as well. You are suffocating hope, suffocating rights, and acting like Hitler. Hopeless, pointless, and pitiful!

Steve Jobs would probably kick your ego if he was still alive. Or not. But I am very concerned with the kindergarten attitude from Apple.

You’re not in a 3-year-old kid in a backyard class where your pals took your pencil box and you start crying and wail, and then you go take your friend’s pencil and declare that you’re ‘nationalising’ it until they return your pencil box? Are you one of them? If that’s the case, I’m hesitant to invest further money in your company.

I might as well go for Huawei, a decent brand that does not boycott its ‘opponents’ and does not play war games with customer money! Learn from the Chinese to the least.

Do Business!

Finally, a trillion-dollar firm like yours should know how to be prudent in times of conflict. You and I both know that this conflict is absurd, but it is so far away that it has no bearing on my or your life.

It is you, as a business, who are limiting your operations and penalising your existing consumers for spending their hard-earned money to make you a little richer. Who are the jerks here? You or your customers?

I hope this serves as a wake-up message to the Apple executives of today. Do business before you lose markets or before some strong rival snatches them away from you. You’re a bunch of knuckleheads.

If you keep waging this ‘war,’ I’m going to go out and buy a very expensive Huawei phone and Matepad to slap in your face. And I’ll run a global campaign – I’ve done it before – to kick your business in the shins. Just stop being a criminal!

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