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The question on everybody’s lips is should Paul Berenger drop the idea of the three party alliance?

Pas rente dans trou! 

This is what many people are saying to the MMM on social media. But it appears the party of the once vibrant Paul Berenger is not listening.

And this will be at its own expense. The party and its current leaders did not learn anything from the 2014 fiasco.

Now, with the protracted alliance, the party is losing more support without knowing it.

We can predict a massive defeat in the Village elections if the MMM files candidates under the new coalition banner.

It is also predictable there might be more humiliations for this alliance in the upcoming Municipality polls.

Why is that so? Why do we believe the MMM is heading for a big defeat against the MSM in these elections?

We said it in our first article on the alliance between MMM-LABOUR-PMSD. Read it here:

The MMM is falling into a trap laid by the MSM. Believe it or not, it is working and the MMM will suffer.

Labour is rotten to the core. Navin is a lost cause, then why is MMM allying with him?

The PMSD do not even have a proper website. Look below! And it is fighting the MSM?

These are three points we are raising in this article. First the MMM is falling into a trap, the next is Labour is rotten and Navin is finished and the third, the small PMSD is still a very small party without proper internet presence.


The MSM is a rich party, it has a lot of money and we know where the money comes from. If not India, then perhaps it is not from America.

With the kind of money the party has, it can keep its MPs solidly behind it. It dishes out contracts and projects to people supporting it. We know that. It is a fact and political parties in power do that. All over the world.

That gives the MSM more power. The money power adds to the political power is deadly for its opponents. Despite the comic scenes we see on a regular basis.

The rallies in Port Louis and Mahebourg has rattled many in the country. Must we say the Hindu community is not showing up to support the anti-Jugnauth rally?

Reasons given to us by experts on the matter are the Hindus are going through a religious phase. This does not allow them to mingle in public.

But as we have seen in the Villages in the last elections, the MSM won most of the seats there.

It is not going to change. What will change is the tally for the MMM-LABOUR-PMSD will not be the same.

There is a risk the voters in villagers swings to the MSM. Do they see the MSM is doing a good job? Ask them.

If the MMM thinks just by joining Labour in villages they will win, they should change their mind. Go ask the villagers.

The time is not ripe for a full-fledge MMM-LABOUR-PMSD alliance. The MSM is pushing for it and that’s the trap.


The Labour party is not what it was before. The long-staying Navin is killing the party, just as the long staying Berenger is not giving any new inspiration to the MMM.

In the end, both parties are ending just like the PMSD. That is a small party with a family base and no other philosophy.

The MMM, I must say, is still a great party. But not the Labour.

Look at the leadership. They are in a struggle for power within the party. The members will deny. But we ask again: Why Arvind Boolell at the tri-partite meetings?

Why not Shakeel Mohamed, who is a very popular leader in the Labour has the youthfulness and speech ability to galvanise the Labourites?

The fact that Shakeel will not be on the ‘Front Bench’ of the Alliance will be a drawback. A serious drawback! Go find out.


No offence to the leader of the PMSD. He is the only one among the three whom I did not meet personally. I met Paul Berenger, I met Navin Ramgoolam.

But the PMSD is a family party. Piti, papa, mamou et les autres.

And there are the core MMM supporters who might not like the idea of a formal alliance with PMSD. The hurt is still too deep for some.

Not to say that Berenger is wrong in making peace with the PMSD. But he should look deeper into what his supporters have to say.

The days when Berenger dictated terms are over, he should be told that!


One thought on “Should Berenger abandon the idea of a Labour-PMSD-MMM alliance?”
  1. 2014 Election Paul made a big mistake joining Navin had he stayed with Aneeroud he would have PM for a second time. 2019 mistake again going alone. I hope and wish 2024 MMM/MSM in alliance.

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