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Singapore start-up, Luwjistik Helps Lion Parcel In Business Growth

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SINGAPORE, July 29, 2022 — Luwjistik, a Singapore-based start-up, specialising in e-commerce logistics integration, established a strategic partnership with Indonesian logistics company, Lion Parcel (PT Lion Express), to further enhance its international shipping service, INTERPACK.

The partnership will enable Lion Parcel to increase service capabilities and expand their network in the region.With Luwjistik’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Lion Parcel will be able to connect seamlessly with partners across its supply chain through a single API integration.

The collaboration will see the onboarding of Lion Parcel as Luwjistik’s first mile export partner for shipments from Indonesia to West and East Malaysia, and last mile import partner from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and UK to Indonesia.

Luwjistik ecosystem

Chief Compliance and Network Officer of Lion Parcel, Victor Ary Subekti says, “The partnership with Luwjistik supports our commitment to expanding service coverage and strengthening INTERPACK as a shipping service to and from abroad that has become the public’s choice, especially economic players who are working to grow their market, including MSMEs and e-commerce.”

“We aim to enable Lion Parcel to grow and expand efficiently and cost-effectively by providing them with the right tools. With Luwjistik, they will have access to our ecosystem of network partners through a single integration, and be able to design and build their supply chain on a single platform,” says Syed Ali Ridha Madihid, co-founder and CEO of Luwjistik.

“At a time when the logistics sector needs to ramp up and digitalize to keep up with demand, Luwjistik provides a fast, efficient, and secure solution – one that will help them grow,” added Mr Madihid.  /PRNewswire/

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