Heat is on: IF US$280m to Mauritius did not go through Swiss banks, then who is behind this?

In an inquiry to the Swiss Attorney General’s office, WFTV was told the Swiss authorities had no ‘current’ interest in looking into the US$280 million that were pocketed by Mauritian and foreign citizens last year.

“The Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland is currently not concerned with this topic.”

It was signed Communication Services Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland OAG.

The inquiry was about the massive money transfer we reported on Sept 14.

In this report we said the money laundering network in Mauritius goes deeper into other institutions that would be unsuspected.

The source that revealed the information said a source to WFTV, that at least US$280.2 million were siphoned or Rupees 9.36 billion.

The source, who wanted to remain incognito, said a high official of a human rights agency in Mauritius is one of the personalities involved in the case of former Attorney General Ravi Yerrigadoo.

The source said the influencial member of a rights organisation is a recipient of millions of US dollars from the money laundering activities.

There is indication whether the matter is linked to the Bet365 money laundering case.

Online documents seen by WFTV shows transactions amounting to $45 million shared between three to four individuals on a weekly basis, starting from the week of August 3-7 to the week of August 2-28, 2015.

It thus appears that the money transacted by Hussein Abdool Rahim, the Mauritian who implicated the former Mauritius AG Ravi Yerrigadoo in the Bet365 money laundering scandal did not appear in the Swiss banks as suspicous.

Unless the latter is lying on the Swiss bank transactions.

To recall, the plan in the Bet365 money laundering was to woo the Swiss bankers in March last year this year into accepting the deposits made by the culprits, and it appears they were successful.

Hussein said he went to Switzerland accompanied by one Sylvio Sununum and lawyer Dick Ng Tat to open a bank account at a particular Swiss bank.

Swiss Attorney General Michael Lauber’s office told WFTV in September last year the office was not ‘currently’ concerned with this affair