Has the anti-Beef squad reached the shores of Mauritius?

The issue of cow and bull slaughter in Mauritius is taking a nasty turn, with the authorities imposing hurdles over hurdles to those who are buying the animals for slaughter during the Eid this weekend.

The Eid will be celebrated on Friday (it is celebrated on Saturday in Mauritius), but the ‘Qurban’ will probably go on until Sunday as this festival is usually celebrated over a three day period.

To make things tough for the Muslims, the MSM-ML regime has imposed a series of conditions on those buying the bulls and the cows, including: Not allowing the clients to enter the parks where the animals are sold. It used to be a normal thing for Muslims to get their cows directly from the parks, but now they have to wait for some dumb rulings, said a source.

The source told WorldFutureTv that the government has ‘ordered’ the cattle farms to erect a wall to cover up the parks, so that the animals are not seen by the public.

This is a unique situation in the country, as it appears the anti-cow slaughter rioters have reached Mauritius as they have apparently succeeded in India.

The walls must be 4 meters high as seen in the pictures here.

To make things worst, the price of meat has also increased by RM6 per kilo, just because it is the Eid.

If the farms does not abide by the ruling, they would not be allowed to sell the animals.

In some parks, the owners are told not to release the weight of the cows to the clients who have to instead, go to the Ministry of Agriculture to get the weight of the animals they are buying!

The Mexico Wall or the Jerusalem Wall? Either way it is an ugly situation critics say


The weighing at the said park is done in front of a Ministry official who records the data.

The newness of a permit to slaughter the animals at your residence is also another way the MSM-ML is telling the Muslims they are being watched and they will be not get away freely if they do not abide by these rulings!

There is also the need to get a permit to ferry the animals by public or private transportation to your residence,” said the source.

It sounds like the Mauritius Muslims are now living in the heart of the Indian mob that are beating and killing people who they ‘suspect’ are beef eaters!


The source also said a majority of the animals sold on the market does not fit the requirement for sacrifice, since they are below 2 years.
“There is a park that was the ‘Melville farm’ that decided to bring 1000 animals but apparently and allegedly a competitor foiled the import. The competitor has an apparent monopoly on the business,” WorldFutureTv was told.
The government, it is said, must allow competition in order to bring down the price and to allow an easy flow of animal supply on the Island in order to ease the burden on the consumers.
Many are asking where is the respect of minority rights in the country given that no community forms the absolute majority in the country today?