Muhyiddin Using Soft Power To Win Over Opponents. At What Cost?

Umno’s move to back Anwar was effectively thwarted because of this. Muhyiddin also used soft power when Umno pressed him…

3 months ago

Siapa Wan Azizah Wan Ismail?

WAN AZIZAH DARI CATATAN PENGALAMAN PEGAWAI PENGAWAL PERIBADI. Ramai yang tidak mengenali Anwar Ibrahim tapi terus menerus menghina dan memfitnah…

4 months ago

Syed Saddiq the cheap cybertooper?

Keadilan IPKR) youth is not happy with Syed Saddiq's jokes

6 months ago

What Are the Lessons Learned From the Pakatan Harapan Collapse a Year Ago?

Lesson number one Malaysians learned since the turbulent end of February 2020: There are no friends in politics, and you…

8 months ago

Anwar defends civil servants and Malays against Tommy Thomas’ criticism

Anwar Ibrahim, defending Tommy Thomas for his right to express himself freely, says the former AG is wrong in blaming…

8 months ago

Is the budget Anwar’s and PH political suicide?

Anwar and PH may have made the right move but Mahathir took advantage of it and ruined their reputation!

11 months ago

Can Anwar trust Umno again after the October tragedy?

We do not think Anwar can trust Umno again but we also think he has limited options with the PH…

11 months ago

Silence on Mahathir confirms the rot in the PH

The Pakatan Harapan coalition in opposition is divided on the role Mahathir should play in their return to power

11 months ago

Anwar calls out Macron for ignorance on Islam

In Anwar's view, Macron is wrong in implicating the whole of the Muslim communities and Islam altogether is gross ignorance.

12 months ago

These are now the riddles in Anwar’s move to become PM

Power is within grasp of Anwar Ibrahim but will he make the move now for a final blow against Muhyiddin…

12 months ago