Vonage showcases programmable communications solutions in APAC

Vonage Convo Virtual will help Asia Pacific businesses connect, network and learn how to accelerate their digital transformation to innovate in our New Normal

• More than 25 sessions including speaker keynotes, live interactive demonstrations, case studies from Vonage customers and Ask-Me-Anything sessions with experts

SINGAPORE, Sept 10 (Bernama) — Vonage (Nasdaq: VG), a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, will host a Vonage Convo Virtual event on 17 September 2020, 11:30am (SGT) for businesses across a range of industries including healthcare, education, finance, retail, logistics and manufacturing.

Vonage Convo will allow businesses to connect, network, and learn how programmable communications can help them accelerate their digital transformation; adapt to changing consumer behaviour and expectations; attract new customers; and engage with existing customers in this ‘new normal’.

This four-hour virtual event will include more than 25 sessions and demos with real-time translation into Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Participants can customise an agenda full of dynamic keynotes, educational demonstrations, customer stories, an Ask-Me-Anything session with experts, and much more.

During the sessions, participants will learn how to build personalised mobile and online experiences that adapt to customer needs across a wide range of social and chat apps including voice, video and messaging. Through interactive experiences and omnichannel demonstrations, participants can explore new ways to innovate customer engagement.

Participants can also gain insights from 11 forward-thinking customer experience innovators and technologists, including Hirokazu Morita, CEO, Spacely; Takahiro Ejiri, CEO, Thinca, Yueh Mei, Founder & CEO, Heyhi; Greta Bunawan, Co-Founder, Popbox Indonesia; Kumar KV, VP/Group CIO, Narayana Health; and Rudi Khoury, EVP Marketing & Customer Experience, Fisher and Paykel. Participants will also get a chance to discover unique solutions offered by Vonage’s partner ecosystem, including Whispir, Orange Business Services, Transcosmo Research and Development and Artificial Solutions.

“COVID-19 has pushed businesses everywhere to accelerate their digital transformations and adopt, leverage and depend on technology to sustain their business. Consumers are also embracing digital in a whole new way.

They expect brands to offer seamless customer experience on their preferred communication device or platform – video, voice, SMS, social media chats – without losing that personal touch.

However, implementing new technology can be daunting for businesses, with many fearing high setup costs, lack of technical expertise and reduced control over data,” said Sunny Rao, Vonage Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Asia Pacific region.

Rao continued, “Vonage APIs enable businesses to easily enhance and build innovative customer experiences directly into their existing applications and devices. Our solutions give them direct control over their customer data and communications processes.

The Vonage APAC Convo Virtual event will showcase these smart technologies and help businesses gain insights into consumer preferences so that they can enhance their customer communications.”

The Vonage Communications Platform has more than one million registered developers and offers a full suite of programmable voice, video, messaging, and email services to forward-thinking businesses throughout the Asia-Pacific market and worldwide.

Through its partners, Vonage’s platform is at the centre of many notable transformational projects in the region, and a de facto for startups.

To find out more about the event, please visit the official event site, available in EnglishJapaneseChinese and Korean.

To find out more about Vonage, visit www.vonage.com.

Discovery APAC launches Asian food network’s website in Malay

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KUALA LUMPUR, 23 July 2020 – Asian Food Network (AFN), the region’s leading TV and online food channel that celebrates unique Asian culinary and cultural experiences, has launched a Bahasa Malaysia-language website to cater to Malaysia’s population of over 30 million people, and the Malay diaspora in the region.

AFN is committed to delivering a seamless digital and linear experience that offers entertainment, convenience and a community for all Asian food lovers.

In line with this commitment, the website is part of Discovery Networks Asia Pacific (DNAP)’s strategy to enhance its offerings for the large Malay-speaking audience in Malaysia and the region, building on the success of its content on the popular asianfoodnetwork.com platform. 

“Since the launch of asianfoodnetwork.com in November last year, the website has rallied a healthy fanbase of food lovers, with 20% of users from Malaysia.

The Bahasa Malaysia-language website provides an opportunity to serve our Malay-speaking fans with hyper-localised content,” said Rohit Tharani, Head of Products, Southeast Asia in DNAP.

“This move marks our commitment to make it even more accessible for the Malaysian community to get inspiration and recipes in their native language to create quick and delicious Asian-inspired home-cooked meals.”

Building the largest Asian food community 

AFN is passionate about growing and engaging in conversations with the largest Asian food community across its platforms, providing the latest foodie-tips through a variety of food TV programmes, unique editorial content and consistent online engagement. 

Countless foodies have turned to the AFN website to look up their favourite local Malaysian recipes including Cekedok Pisang and Malaysian Wanton Noodles. AFN’s Bahasa Malaysia-language website will continue to provide a trove of tested recipes, cooking tips, stories on Asian food cultures and a growing set of features that will power the community’s passion for food and cooking.

The site ensures ease in joining the AFN community, where it is simple for users to register an account, bookmark favourite content pieces, get nutritional information and participate in food conversations through comments. 

The community can also look forward to engaging with well-loved ambassadors from Southeast Asia, including Malaysia’s very own celebrity chef Ili Sulaiman, and exciting bite-sized content and partnerships with like-minded brands in the months to come.

For example, AFN created a content series with Foodpanda in Malaysia this year to highlight popular local and festive dishes for Ramadan and share exciting promotions with the community. The campaign reached over three million Malaysians across multiple platforms.

For more information on AFN and its offerings, please visit the website: asianfoodnetwork.com/my  

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Apac has highest number of countries with severe collection complexity rating

Euler Hermes report on the process of debt collection in the Asia Pacific region shows a case of severe complexity rating.

Three main factors were analyzed for the purpose of the report: local payment practices, local court proceedings and local insolvency proceedings.

It therefore provides a simple assessment of debt collection proceedings in each country, helping to support decisions and manage expectations when trading internationally.

Middle East and Asia Pacific at the tail end

The Middle East stands at the opposite end of the spectrum with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates ranking as the most complex countries when it comes to debt collection.

With a score of 94, international debt collection is three times more complex in Saudi Arabia than in Sweden.

Asia-Pacific is not far behind and counts the highest number of countries standing at a severe rating of collection complexity, with Malaysia (right behind the United Arab Emirates), China and Indonesia.

Western European countries lead the pack

Euler Hermes said its “2018 Collection Complexity Score and Rating” aims at measuring the level of complexity relating to international debt collection procedures within each of the 50 countries taken into consideration.

While the global average stands at 51 on a 0-100 scale, showing a very high level of collection complexity around the world, Western Europe stands out when it comes to simplifying the life of companies trying to recover their dues.

Sweden, Germany and Ireland take the lead, ranking as the least complex countries with respective scores of 30, 30 and 31. Sweden and Germany really set the example, being the only country with the lowest score of complexity in local payment practices, local court proceedings as well as in local insolvency proceedings. 

Pockets of collection complexity are everywhere

Euler Hermes’ report also demonstrates that the largest economies, most dynamic markets, and the less vulnerable countries do not necessarily entail more conducive a business environment. Pockets of collection complexity exist in all countries, even in Sweden. Indeed, complexity in international debt collection depends on many different factors. At a global level, it appears that the key factor of complexity are by far local insolvency proceedings, which are not always effective, i.e. taking into account priority rules and cancellation of prior transactions.

A key rule applies to debt collection: the longer one waits, the greater the complexity and risks. That is why we want to help our clients to make the right decision at the right time. The Euler Hermes 2018 Collection Complexity Score and Rating provides a simple assessment of debt collection procedures in each country, helping to support our clients with key information when and where they want it,” said Claude Troussart, Regional Risk Information Claims & Collection Director at Euler Hermes APAC.