South Africa’s reverse-apartheid haunting Mandela’s country

A white farmer attacked by unknown assailants – land reform in South Africa has stalled with the African National Congress failing to move forward with the agenda – Photo Source: Facebook

Life for white South African farmers has been riddled with controversies ever since after apartheid ended in 1994.

And the situation is now made worse with the amount of crimes reported against the once mighty white community in the country of Nelson Mandela.

Julius Malema, a leftist South African politician told his followers to retake their land back from the white people of South Africa.

Malema who is the EFF leader also wants South Africans, the state, academic institutions and businesses to sever all ties with Israel until land is returned to the Palestinians.

His policies and his political positioning on the international scene is a move to mitigate his local political calls.

The South China Morning Post stated that 73% of farming land in South Africa is owned by the white farmers while in 1994 it was about 85%.

Murders of white farmers in South Africa has been on the rise, due to it being a controversy as white people should not own land in the country.

Its an estimate of more than 10 South African farmers who are white would be murdered every year, said SCMP.

If they were to kick out all of the white farmers, the same might happen to the black South Africans to the things that happened in Zimbabwe (formally known as Rhodesia up till 1980).

The “Boers” also known as white farmers, were stripped of their land in Zimbabwe and were given to inexperienced people to handle which ultimately led to a great famine for many years in Zimbabwe.

Mandela once said his agenda as President was to unite South Africa and land reform was to be done in the long run. However, the country is still behind in land reform.

South African leftist would are saying that its not right for white people to stay in South Africa, but the White community is arguing why not since they have been there since 1600s and now are born there too.

Since the mid 1990s, over 500,000 white people have left South Africa in search of a new home, most leaving for Europe, some reports said.

The main reason why they are leaving is because of the country’s infamous political instability and also high rates of crime, News24.

South Africa is a country that is blessed with numerous natural resources which led the Boers to go to war with the British in the late 1800s (Anglo Boer war) to keep their natural resource, a war which they lost.

It is peculiar that South Africa’s economy was doing very well in the 1960s and 1970s unlike to what it is today, even though still having numerous natural resources.

In the early 1900s there were about 4 million black South Africans and about 1.3 million white South Africans, compared to today, there is about 5 million whites and a whopping 45 million blacks, said News24.