MH370: Airline fans fight over sightings, argue over location but only Ocean Infinity will deliver!

Mr McMahon said in a reply to WFTV that he has been using Google Earth every day looking for this lost aircraft (MH370).
“I was watching volcanoes on Reunion Island and in March 2014 an aircraft debris field appeared near Round Isl. Mauritius,” he said.
He persists in saying they (search parties) will not find it (MHJ370) as they are not looking for it.
“They are just scanning the sea floor for US subs as one ran aground in 2013 off Australia, but if they do want it found this is the area to search. I found it back in march of 2014, but nobody wants to know because of the date (the date says 2009.
In reply to Mr McMahon, urged the latter to reconsider his claims, saying the pictures he has posted on Twitter were from 2009/13.
“Countless people made this known to you on the daily Goodfellow Circus Show of VeritasMH370 on Facebook.
“I can assure you the latest search is not chasing secret subs,” said Air Investigation.

Will Ocean Infinity search for MH370 beyond waters off Australia, nearer to Mauritius?

Picture Source: The Economist

A US exploration firm said Wednesday it has sent a high-tech vessel in hopes of soon resuming the hunt for flight MH370, whose disappearance is one of aviation’s greatest mysteries, reported the AFP.

But will the search area include the findings by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and the theories that the missing aircraft could have crashed nearer to Mauritius?

The latest news is that the new search area was decided by the ATSB, thus it could include the new findings made by the Aussie transport safety office.

Ocean Infinity was one of three companies which had bid to resume the hunt and it is in negotiations with the Malaysian authorities to start the search immediately. 

The AFP report said Australia’s national science body CSIRO released a report in April suggesting the doomed plane was “most likely” north of the former search zone in an area of approximately 25,000 square kilometres.

But the search area does not include the possible search areas released by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau on August 16, 2017.

The document released was said to contain STARTLING new evidence that virtually pinpoints the location of MH370.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau in August released an explosive new report that effectively narrows the search zone for the missing plane down to an area half the size of Melbourne, said the

The report places the most likely location of the aircraft “with unprecedented precision and certainty” at 35.6°S, 92.8°E — in between Western Australia and Madagascar.

However the Australian Government, which led the search effort until it was suspended in January, is unlikely to resume the mission based on this new information, said the site.

Only three confirmed fragments of MH370 have been found so far, all of them on western Indian Ocean shores, including a two-metre wing part known as a flaperon found on Reunion Island.


No sign of the plane was found in a 120,000 square kilometre (46,000 square mile) search zone selected by satellite analysis of the jet’s likely trajectory.

The sea search — the largest in aviation history — was called off in January last year but looks set to resume soon.

Exploration firm Ocean Infinity said it was sending a research vessel to the zone in the southern Indian Ocean and hopes to finalise a deal with the Malaysian government to restart the hunt in the coming days.

The vessel is carrying several autonomous submarines which can be launched from the ship to scour the seabed for the jet.