#ProtesDarurat posters are seen in the train station

#ProtestDarurat trending on Twitter this morning now posters with the hashtag is seen at train stations.

In the afternoon, it is #BantahDarurat that is trending in Malaysia, along with #MuhyiddinOut.

Twitter was upside down in Malaysia with news the government is planning to impose emergency rule.

The Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin had an audience with the King to propose his plans for the emergency.

Malaysians took to Twitter and other social media networks to criticise the move. They are angry Malaysians who are pointing out that “the plan is bogus and is a political ploy.”

At least, this is what we understand while scrolling through the numerous viral tweets. See article link below on this.


Nevertheless, A4 size posters with the #ProtesDarurat printed on it is seen at train stations. They are also on lampposts in Petaling Jaya.

It appears the people are not only using the social media to protest, they are also using this method which is reaching out to those not on social media perhaps.

See some tweets on the posters in KL.

More #ProtesDarurat, on Petaling Jaya roadsigns & lampposts https://t.co/l84mJNmZ0p

— Zurairi A.R. (@zurairi) October 24, 2020



Posters are up apparently #protesdarurat pic.twitter.com/72r7p5NQrY

— malaysia was a mistake sukarno shouldve nuked us (@kuihsepotong) October 24, 2020