nxyz’s $40m in New Funding For Faster Blockchain Indexing

On the funding, it will be used to expand nxyz’s team, build robust support across emerging use cases, and expand…

2 months ago

StraitsX: Polygon Is Third Natively Supported Blockchain

itsX is part of the Fazz ecosystem, which aims to make the future of finance accessible for all businesses in…

3 months ago

Big Boost For Lightnet With $50m For Velo Blockchain

The Lightnet Group is a Singapore headquartered fintech group with several licensed subsidiaries around the globe

3 months ago

Wissam Breidy In Crypto Oasis New Deal for Blockchain, Web3 Push

Popular TV figure, Communication Advisor, Entrepreneur and Arab media celebrity, Wissam Breidy, is partnering with Crypto Oasis to further Web3…

4 months ago

Blockchain Maturity Mode Experts Are Now Ready

Governments do not have the framework to judge blockchain solutions, they will default to traditional solution providers

4 months ago

A-B-I Goes to Campus New Way To Improve Blockchain Literacy

This program was initiated because, there is a huge need for talents in the blockchain industry, both domestic and abroad,

4 months ago

Teijin and Fujitsu to Develop Blockchain-based Commercial Platform

To address this issue, Teijin and Fujitsu started collaboration on a blockchain-based commercial platform to promote sustainable use of recycled…

5 months ago

Prime brokerage Clients Can Now Access DeFi marketplace

BEQUANT's institutional clients now can access Uniswap's DeFi marketplace through Fireblocks integration with efficient arbitrage

5 months ago

ChainUp In A Strategic Partnership With Bedrock

ChainUp’s expertise in blockchain technology through this partnership will bridge the world of digital asset management and traditional finance for…

5 months ago

New Crypto Asset Tax Begins In Indonesia

Crypto Asset Tax Begins to be Implemented in Indonesia: How do Association and Business Actors in the Crypto Asset Industry…

6 months ago