China’s services sector faces a big setback in March

China's services sector activity is hit hard by a surge in Omicron with activity in the sector contracting at the…

4 months ago

Leading AI chipmaker Hailo eyes growth of customer base

The leading AI chipmaker Hailo has partnered with AITg of WPG Holdings, an APAC supply chain expert, to support growing…

5 months ago

This is why Domatters is targeting Chinese Consumers

Domatters Is bridging gaps for international companies by providing targeted digital marketing for chinese consumers for you to market your…

6 months ago

China Spotlight: The Interest Rate Toolbox and Transmission

In this China spotlight, analysts discuss the Interest rate toolbox and transmission with the PBoC easing of the monetary policy…

6 months ago

A Chinese Company was Selling Spyware to the U.S. Military

A Chinese Company was selling spyware inserted in computers to the U.S. Military and it turns out the brand is…

7 months ago

Myanmar: New $2.5b LNG power plant is biggest FDI

Myanmar says new $2.5b LNG power plant is biggest foreign investment in the country while China and Russia are major…

7 months ago

The Rise of Rail Along China’s BRI Stimulates the Maritime Freight Market

Despite the rapid improvement in rail links brought about by infrastructure spending under Belt and Road, the sea remains the…

7 months ago

China’s journey to common prosperity

Putting innovation at the center of its modernization drive, China made various scientific and technological breakthroughs such as the launch of the…

7 months ago

Sharing perspectives with China

China must win back Muslim support immediately because history proved that Muslims were never a threat to China.

7 months ago

Base for the commercialization of immune cell therapeutics launched in China

Biosyngen is also actively looking to expand its overseas business with another biomedical production base in Singapore

7 months ago