Illicit Cigarettes Increases back up to 58.4% Now

CMTM also calls for a sustained close collaboration between the industry and the Government to address the illicit cigarette problem

7 months ago

Study reveals illegal trade to spike with smoke ban

This article tells us why 83% of Malaysians trust that a cigarette ban will help spark a bigger black market…

8 months ago

57.3% illicit cigarettes market share calls for more enforcement action

The Malaysian Government should not rest on its laurels but instead shift to a higher gear to eradicate this endemic…

9 months ago

TAAT Now Selling in Tobacco Retailers Throughout Greater London

London-area retailers currently carrying TAAT are afforded a far greater degree of flexibility with respect to how the product is…

12 months ago

Vape Players Want Different Taxation Framework Away From Tobacco, Cigs

Most industry players, especially manufacturers, feel that the taxation rate is too high and will negatively impact the industry, which…

12 months ago

Protect Consumers From Potential Black Market Surge

The price difference between legal and illegal cigarettes remains extremely wide due to Malaysia's high tobacco excise duties

1 year ago

Ban on cigarettes during MCO strengthened black market: Survey

The ban on cigarette sales during the MCO has increased the sale of contraband products which could have been averted,…

3 years ago

Malaysia: Affordability factor to worsen illegal cigarettes problem

High taxes leads to high prices of cigarettes, the favourite pass time of millions of Malaysians, and this sparks the…

3 years ago