Coway on the path to 1 million customer milestone!

(L-R) Mr Kyle Choi Ki Ryong, Managing Director of Coway (M) Sdn. Bhd., Mr James Park, Director of Global Business Division of Coway Korea, HQ, and Mr Ryan Jung Tae Seung, Head of Division – Communication Division of Coway (M) Sdn. Bhd. at the press conference in announcing their target to achieve 1 million customers by end of 2018 and developing Coway Malaysia to be the hub and leader in Southeast Asia.

Coway Malaysia is on the path to reach its 1 million customer milestone by the end of 2018, a target it set at the start of the new year.

This will be a whole new milestone in Malaysia, proving to be a growing force the water specialist while altogether setting the agenda for the expansion of its footprints to other Southeast Asia countries.

Coway has penetrated the local market from 100 sales per month in 2006, to 1000
sales per month in 2007 and 1000 sales in a day currently, making Coway the No. 1 trusted water purifier brand in Malaysia, said the company in a media release.

Newly-appointed Director of Global Business Division, Mr James Park (previously Coway Malaysia’s Managing Director until 2014) said that numerous efforts were being put into place in achieving this meaningful target.

They include expanding the expertise and manpower of their sales team; increasing their suite of products and intensifying their R&D to introduce more innovative products; devising
and implementing a strategic marketing plan that synchronised with the mindset and trends of the Malaysian market; to ensuring that the customer service of Coway’s will always remain satisfactory, above and beyond.

“Coway places a high value on providing exceptional customer service, so to reach this milestone of 1 million regular Coway customers using exceptional suite of products will be a tremendous

“We want to make it easy for customers to conduct business with us, and we are gratified with the efforts we have made in improving our products that have proven to be a success among our
customers,” said Mr James recently.

The company has been a 55 % increase in revenue last year, introducing innovative lifestyle products that benefit the happiness and wellness regime of its customers and people, with their star product being the first 2-in- 1 hybrid water purifier in Malaysia, Inception.

James said thanks to the capabilities of the sales team and the innovative R&D of their water
and air purifiers, the company has achieved a sales revenue of RM 790 million and operating margin of 8% while growing our customer base to 700,000 customers in 2017.

Thus, without a doubt we are confident of Malaysia’s capabilities to be the hub for Southeast Asia, and Vietnam and Indonesia as the most preferred choice to next receive Coway.

Achieving consecutive milestones throughout the years which include enhancing the perspective of Malaysians towards home appliances, as well as improving the quality of health and living, Mr James Park also announced of their target to increase Coway’s footprints to other parts of Southeast Asia, establishing Malaysia as the main headquarter – a stepping stone to other SEA countries, with Vietnam and Indonesia the next destinations to receive Coway.

“In Malaysia, we are one of the most successful Korean companies and we rose quickly to become the top brand for water and air purifiers here. Coway Korea has shown our confidence in Coway Malaysia by adding in a capital investment of RM360 million last quarter (on top of the initial capital investment) to catalyse the localisation process,” said Mr James.

Coway operates over 100 branches, 6 Education Training Centres, 23 sales offices, 53
Cody (Coway Lady) branches and 23 Dream service centres around Malaysia.

Mr James said that Coway hopes to achieve a total of RM 1.1 billion in sales revenue for 2018, and envisioning to launch a few unprecedented innovative products that will greatly improve customers’ productivity in their daily lives and achieve overall better health and a robust organ system, therefore making their lives better and happier.