Bybit Partners with Cabital to offer seamless Crypto buy

Bybit users can buy crypto using EUR and GBP seamlessly and directly on the Bybit platform via bank transfers, and…

6 months ago

BingX adds new high-grade crypto spot trade

BingX is not resting on their laurels in providing the greatest experience to crypto aficionados in adding new high-grade crypto…

6 months ago

Good news from Bybit with the Arbitrum Integration

Here's the good news from Bybit with the Arbitrum Integration that allow users to deposit and withdraw ETH, USDT, USDC

7 months ago

A brand new Poloniex is here

A brand new Poloniex is here with a new Space Traveler programme that incorporates the previous volunteer and referral programme…

7 months ago

Before Bitcoin, there was Fintech and banks are fighting on both ends to survive

But now something is happening that leads me to believe the banks were incorrect in their approach to fintech. And…

7 months ago

Block is ‘officially building an open bitcoin mining system’

Block intends to address a variety of "customer pain points" and "technical issues" in the mining sector, says Thomas Templeton, the company's general manager for hardware.

7 months ago

U.S. Global Investors Announces Sustainably Robust Quarter

U.S. Global looks not only deeply undervalued, but also very attractive on a variety of metrics.

7 months ago

The Cryptocurrency based platform is being set up for freelancers: FLDBCoin

A project is being prepared to make life easier for freelancers. A freelancer platform that will work entirely with cryptocurrency…

7 months ago

DogeBonk Announces the Launch of MemeTools, a New MemeCoin Listing Tool

The listing site currently delivers real-time data pulled from the blockchain to show price, volume, liquidity, and more

7 months ago

OctaFX Offers New Perspectives in Crypto

Some seasoned influencers speculate about a definitive bitcoin all-time high peaking at around 100,000-150,000 USD before the current cycle would…

8 months ago