Qualys Brings EASM To The Cloud Platform

Qualys new capabilities in CyberSecurity Asset Management 2.0 enable security and IT teams to discover unknown internet-facing assets to assess…

4 months ago

Lookout Builds Momentum With Continued Strong Results

Record growth fueled by new product innovation, acquisitions, strategic partnerships and increasing demand for a unified security platform by Lookout

6 months ago

Fortinet Expanded Presence in Malaysia With Business Growth

Fortinet to grow their team to increase capabilities in the battle against cyber threats in addition of a state-of-the-art Fortinet…

6 months ago

Sophos Uncovers New Liquidity Mining Scams

The mechanics of liquidity mining in its legitimate form provide the perfect cover for old fashioned swindles re-minted for the…

7 months ago

Future likelihood of successful cyberattacks

What is the likelihood that your organization’s network will become compromised by a successful cyberattack in 2022? Check this Cyberthreat…

8 months ago

Big mistake by board level execs on cybersecurity

Board level executives assume they’ll never be attacked, despite rising ransomware incidents, Sophos survey, The Future of Cybersecurity in Asia…

8 months ago

Here are the cybersecurity tips every doctor should know

To gain the trust from telehealth patients, Kaspersky presents the cybersecurity tips every doctor should know 

9 months ago

Full IoT suite left unprotected by 43% of businesses

A recent Kaspersky report says 43% of businesses don’t protect their full IoT suite risking data breaches and compromises

9 months ago

FortiGuard Labs: This is why ransomware is more destructive

Sophistication, speed, and diversity of ransomware attack techniques demonstrates importance of strengthening entire cyber kill chain

9 months ago

Great cybersecurity tips for students back to Universities

Wong Joon Hoong, Country Manager, Sophos Malaysia has some great tips for students who are heading back to Universities to…

9 months ago