Mahathir Wants A Two-party System But Ku Li Hopes For A Stronger Monarchy

Mahathir wants a two-party system with one party absorbing all mini-Malay parties to fight back against corruption while Tengku Razaleigh…

1 year ago

Learning From The Jan 6 Chaos In Democracy

Will America ever recover from the Jan 6 events? Signs are it will have to deal with violent actions in…

2 years ago

The Urgent Need to Renovate Democracy

Democracy is in danger of losing its importance and credibility

2 years ago

Aung San Suu Kyi faked it. The army did not buy it!

Palestinian journalist Dr Ramzy Baroud says both the military and Aung San Suu Kyi have betrayed democracy in Myanmar. He says…

2 years ago

Biden Should Not Overlook India’s Fast-Declining Democratic Standards

The arrest of Disha Ravi, a 21-year-old climate activist, has Time magazine questioning US President Joe Biden on his ignorance…

2 years ago

China is intent on undermining democracy abroad

The year 2020 witnessed a paradigm shift in the democratic world's understanding of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with the…

2 years ago

Anwar is possibly the last great saviour of the people

Anwar Ibrahim pledged on his Facebook page not to divert from his original battle of reforms for Malaysia and unity…

2 years ago

A democratic revolution is brewing in tiny Mauritius

In this week's series on the turbulence that is hitting countries with a democratic system, we look at Mauritius. Saturday…

2 years ago

The symbolic demolition of democracy?

With the rise of religious symbolism and fanaticism in some countries we should be careful in our interpretation on the…

2 years ago

Should officials quit when accused of wrongdoing?

Democracy is facing an age of change where officials are bending the rules to ignore democratic principles and ethics. WIll…

2 years ago