Dulloo as MMM no 2 in future elections

A talk show on Radio Plus yesterday has confirmed the MMM has plans to run in the next elections with Madan Dulloo as its deputy PM, while leader Paul Berenger will be the PM.

The Berenger-Dulloo tandem is likely to get the support of foreign powers, an essential element in Mauritius politics given its importance as a strategic Island in the Indian Ocean.

This news also confirms that Pradeep Jeeha will not be the MMM no 2 for long, as plans have been drawn for Dulloo to rise within the party’s ranks.

WFTV wrote last year that the MMM had plans to push Mr Dulloo up in the ranks, giving him the chance to make his political comeback and to support the party in the rural areas.

News garnered by WFTV indicates that Mr Dulloo has been very active in some villages, garnering support among the planters in particular and among the Hindu populace, though some says it will be an uphill battle for the MMM to regain territory lost over the years.

The MMM’s share of vote in the rural areas has taken a beating since the party did not have an iconic figure to rally the people in those areas.

The current deputy leaders of the party, we are told, failed in their objectives of gaining the support of the masses and have also been blamed for the defeat of  the MMM at the Belle Rose-Quatre Bornes by-elections.

“The plan is for the MMM to go alone in the polls, and to have Berenger as PM and Madan Dulloo as deputy-PM, They will share power for the first two and a half years after that Dulloo will be the PM while Berenger may then hop to Reduit,” said the source.