Survey: BN’s Approval Rating Lower Than Pre-2018 Polls

A survey says that in September, 51% of respondents were dissatisfied with the federal government, compared to 47% just before…

4 weeks ago

A conspiracy between Taliban and the USA?

After 20 years of battle against foreign armies, local warlords, internal infighting, people thought Taliban would not return but they…

1 year ago

Effects of the U.S. election on the capital market

Although the impact of the pandemic on oil supply and demand is the main factor, the uncertainty of the U.S.…

2 years ago

Muhyiddin, Bersatu are big winners in the Sabah elections

The narrow win in Sabah gives Muhyiddin a breathing space but will he be able to use it to keep…

2 years ago

Warisan hits hard with video campaigns

There is no better than a video campaign and if it is widely distributed through WhatsApp groups, it has an…

2 years ago

The hijack of the reformasi movement

An attempt to hijack the reformasi movement is under way but the PKR's history has shown that all those who…

2 years ago

PKR party membership has reached 1 million

Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia's opposition leader's party the PKR says it has achieved a historic milestone with 1 million members

2 years ago

Dr Mahathir believes new party will divide PN votes

Mahathir says he is creating a new party to fight corruption and kleptokracy, which is the battle cry of the…

2 years ago

Winning the heart of the Malays is Anwar’s biggest test – Analyst

Anwar Ibrahim has a dilemma, that is winning more Malay votes, but he can only solve this problem if he…

3 years ago

India’s UP abuzz with Pravind’s win

The Mauritian PM has also eliminated all top Vaish politicians in an election that has made him the dominant community…

3 years ago