electric cars

The Jaguar TCS Racing Team Made It To Jakarta

Tata Consultancy Services Has Partnered with Jaguar to Amplify the Importance of Electrification through the Famous E-Prix Race Circuit across…

6 months ago

Volkswagen’s flying vehicles are coming from China

Volkswagen is working on flying vehicles in China, but it is in the early stages, and we cannot guess if…

2 years ago

The Apple car is coming after Tesla’s!

Rumors have long suggested Apple is actively working on a variety of different automotive projects that could ultimately lead to…

2 years ago

Dubai police postpones magical Tesla car debut

Dubai police made early announcement it will use Tesla's Cybertruck but had to contend it will only get it after…

3 years ago

Ioniq-Grab tie-up brightens Indonesia’s automobile landscape

Hyundai's Ioniq set to change Indonesia's electric car landscape with Grab tie-up

3 years ago

Why Geely should worry about Tesla’s newest power horse!

TESLA, the electric car maker that is changing the automobile industry for good, poses a challenge to all makers of…

5 years ago

Video: Tesla model 3 supercut and what it means to the auto industry’s future

Tesla promises autopilot - that is self-driving cars, electrification and that goes with batteries fitted in the car to eliminate…

5 years ago